Koenigsegg Agera RS
The car with which Koenigsegg hopes to break the 500 km/h barrier

Bugatti was the first to enter the 300mph+ (482km/h) car club with the Chiron Super Sport 300+ in September last year.

Although the car from the factory comes with a limited speed of 440 km/h, the customer who ordered such a car can lift this limit.

Koenigsegg already wants to break the 300-mph barrier. When presenting the Agera RS model at the Geneva Motor Show a year ago, the company mentioned a Jesko 300 variant that can climb up to 482.2 km/h.

koenigsegg jesko in switzerland 1 1

Koenigsegg is confident that Jesko will break its fastest Agera RS record of 445 km/h. There are even reports that the company is working to break the 500km/h barrier.

In March when the Geneva Motor Show arrives, Koenigsegg will bring the Mission 500 model that can reach dizzying speeds.

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