Division 2

Finish the work in Washington and prepare to return to New York

The Division 2 has seen some big reductions recently, with Ubisoft cutting large chunks of the prize to get more people in the fight for Washington DC. This weekend the prize was completely wiped out, leaving prospective agents free to play until March 1st.

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Starting at 10am on February 27 (today), everyone can take a trip to the post-apocalyptic capital. The “full game” is available, according to Ubisoft, though it’s not supposed to be DLCs, which isn’t mentioned. If you played on an earlier free weekend, your progress will continue, just as if you ended up buying it. Now is a good time to do it as well, as it is landing.

The other expansion of The Division 2 is also imminent. The Warlords of New York watch as agents return to the location of the first game to pursue a wicked rogue agent. This is due March 3rd, and if the free weekend pulls you in, you can grab The Warlords of New York Edition at a discount, getting the base game, expansion and some extra rewards.

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