Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
The duration of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is announced

Open-world experiences as well as adaptation of history received attention as well.

The average length of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been revealed yesterday, along with some other new details in the game. According to the latest review published on Famitsu, the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is about 40 hours long, with no side effects. To see everything the game has to offer, players will need over 100 hours.

Famitsu’s review also praised how the original DBZ story was reproduced in the game, and the ‘open-world’ experience, which gives the game a bit more space and provides some changes to the game experience with mechanics like the search for Dragon Balls and cooking. The game also contains many ‘collectives’ and is easily controllable.

Kakarot DBZ contains the entirety of the DBZ story, starting with the Radish landing on Earth. The game will also feature side characters, who do not play a major role in the main story, expanding the experience significantly.


With the launch on January 17th, just 8 days from now, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is really looking like the best Dragon Ball Z game ever released. While the controls, from what we’ve seen, take some time to get used to, we can say that DBZ Kakarot is one of, if not the most impressive animé based games.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will released January 17 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.

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