The first Samsung 5G phone will not be the Galaxy S10

While carriers in large markets around the globe are preparing to roll over to their 5G business networks in the coming months, all eyes are on smartphone manufacturers to begin launching devices that could affect the next-generation mobile network.

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The first Samsung 5G phone will not be the Galaxy S10

The market expects to see at least some models with 5G support in the first half of 2019.

The Galaxy S10 is likely to be one of those feeds. Samsung‘s 10th anniversary may have support for 5G networks. However, the company has confirmed it will not actually be the first Samsung 5G phone. This title will go to a special device, transmits Indeksonline.

South Korea’s mobile carriers aim to launch their 5G networks in March 2019. Samsung is working with its local network partners to be the first company to release a 5G smartphone. Samsung’s Mobile Director-General, DJ Koh, unveiled today at a press event that it really will not be the Galaxy S10 that will become the first Samsung 5G phone.

Koh mentioned that this title will go to a special device in the country. He did not clarify if this particular device would be the highly anticipated folding smartphone or another device altogether.

He also directed recent media reports suggesting that the Galaxy S10 + could be the latest phone of its kind. Rumors have been navigating recently that Samsung has considered the possibility of combining the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note.

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