The giant battery inside iPhone 11 Pro Max!
The giant battery inside iPhone 11 Pro Max!

But now the shape of the iPhone 11 Pro Maxs battery has been unveiled, after a Chinese Weibo social network user split it in the middle and found a giant battery – at least by Apple standards.

The battery has 15.04Wh at 3.79V, which is calculated to be 3.968mAh, which is a huge increase over the battery of the iPhone XS Max, which has a capacity of 3.174mAh.

Compared to the 3.500mAh Galaxy S9+, the iPhone 11 Pro May’s battery is ten percent more powerful. As it approaches the 4,100mAh battery on the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

This also shows the reasons why the iPhone 11 is heavier than the previous models, as it should also carry a massive battery. Although split in the middle, the RAM capacity of the iPhone Pro Max has not been revealed.

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