Android 10

Android 10 or Android Q, or call it whatever you want, is now official and available to anyone with a Google Pixel phone.

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But phones from other companies that were able to test the latest version of Android will soon be able to get finalized.

Since Android development takes place over a period of time, the final version contains no unheard of news. With Android 10 most of the changes are in the background except for two or three of them.

What everyone has been waiting for is obviously “Dark Mode” and Android 10 doesn’t disappoint. The new interface is ready to use from sundown to dawn.

Not only does it lighten the burden that light on electronic devices exerts on our eyes, but it also puts pressure on the smartphone battery if you have one with an OLED display.

Over time many applications will adopt the dark interface but for the time being it is limited. Dark Mode on Android 10 is in system level.

Another big difference is updating the navigation gestures between apps. New gestures are optional and you can still use the three-button navigation at the bottom of the screen. The new navigation gestures on Android 10 are a continuation of those on Android Pie but more efficient. Swiping left or right over the screen replaces the back button. Holding down on the side of the screen opens the navigation panel.

One innovation is the “Smart Reply” feature which suggests different actions with a notification directly from the Notification panel. If a notification contains a link, Smart Reply suggests opening it in Chrome. Same for addresses suggesting opening on Google Maps, or videos opening on Youtube.

There are also some new privacy and security options such as location sharing only when using an app as well as the new privacy section in Settings which gives you access to web and app history management.

Also with system updates from Google Play, the company is already addressing security issues from the Google Play Store rather than through the system update feature.

Finally, two very important features are expected in the upcoming versions: Focus Mode and Live Caption. The first makes it possible to “silence” certain applications while the second provides subtitles for videos and audio you play on your phone.

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