The latest MediaTek processors are built for video games

When we hear the name MediaTek the first thing that comes to our minds are budget gaming smartphones, yet the company is determined to change that perception.

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The chip designer unveiled on Monday the family of Helio G90 processors with features and performance for the latest and most intense games. The G90 and G90T are eight-core processors that use 2.05Ghz Cortex-A76 cores for heavy tasks and Cortex-A55 for light tasks accompanied by Mali-G76 800Mhz graphics and up to 10GB LPDDR4X RAM.

With the use of HyperEngine, G90 chips promise to reduce bottlenecks. Like many phones it uses LTE to assist a problematic Wi-Fi connection. It can also operate two different Wi-Fi bands. MediaTek also promises to reduce touch stoppages, prioritize game processes and resources, and image quality.

Photographers will enjoy up to 64-megapixel camera support. But the company did not specify when the first G90 phones will come and who they are. Indeed, the purpose of MediaTek is to show how powerful its gaming chips such as Fortnite and PUBG are. However they will not be at the level of the best, Apple or Qualcomm.

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