TheOneSpy is one of the best cell phone and computer monitoring brands that has made its way to the next level. Over the years it has come up with plenty of mobile phone and PC spy products whether for Android, iPhone and MAC, and Windows desktop and laptop machines. The user can use it and can use it on their target devices and get access to all the activities to happen and get to know the information for parenting and employee monitoring aims.

 However, when it comes to its effectiveness, it is very powerful and convenient and best spy app against mobile phones and computer devices. It has very user –friendly interface and very installation process even non-tech savvy parents can use it easily.

Moreover, when it comes to spying on iPhone you cannot even to install the iPhone spy software on the target iPhone device and even it does not require jailbreak the target iPhone of the children. Let’s discuss how to install TheOneSpy for cellphones and computers.

TheOneSpy installation process

An end user has to subscribe online for TheOneSpy mobile phone spy software. When you have the subscription for Android, IOS, MAC, and windows, then you will receive credentials. Get physical access on the target device and start the installation process. When the process is ended, activate the phone spy app for android, IOS, MAC and for windows. Further, the user just needs to use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel and get access to the monitoring features of the monitoring app that you have subscribed in terms of operating system.


When it comes to the iPhone monitoring, you just need a subscription and get credentials and get access to the dashboard and visit to the Sync iCloud button. Now you need to have non-jailbreak iPhone iCloud credentials and put it on the sync iCloud button and you will have the monitoring features of Non-jailbreak solution for iPhone. You don’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone device of your children.

Let’s discuss all the monitoring software features individually in the following

Android monitoring app features

Android spy app has multiple monitoring features that allow you to track kids, teens and employees activities. You can monitor and listen to the surrounds with surround monitoring app of the TheOneSpy android spy app. You can use GPS location tracker and track current and exact GPS location. Moreover, you can monitor the logs of IM’s social media. However, the user can monitor emails, text messages, multimedia, screenshots, and Voice messages. Additionally, the user can spy on the screen of the android with live screen recording activities.

A non-jailbreak solution for iPhone Features

The non-jailbreak solution for iPhone enables a user to spy on target IOS devices without jailbreak. Parents can monitor all the activities happen on the target iPhone device within no time. They can use multiple iPhone non-jailbreak solution tools and get to know children activities to the fullest. Parents can use bookmark safari and browsing history safari and get to know about the visited websites URLs and how many websites and what websites children have visited and bookmarked respectively. Furthermore, a user can get to know about WhatsApp data, kik messages, contacts, alarms and notes, and complete SMS chat list.

MAC Monitoring software Features

You can use MAC monitoring app and get access to the visited websites on the target MAC desktop and laptop computer machines. However, the user can use the MIC Bug app of the MAC tracking app and can listen to the surrounds. You can use the camera bug app of The MAC tracking spyware and get to know who is up to the device. Moreover, the user can use screenshots, screen recording, keylogger, and sync settings.

Windows monitoring app features

The user can use the windows spy app and get access to all the activities to happen on the target device with a complete time stamp and even in real time. You can use block websites and can block all the inappropriate activities of your children and employees. Moreover, users can mighty alarms, visited apps, online and offline tracking, real-time monitoring, on-demand screenshots, and invisible mode tracking tools to keep an eye on your children and employees activities to the fullest.


The user can use TheOneSpy monitoring app and get access to the cellphone of android and IOS and further on MAC and windows computer machines. So, it is the best tool in terms of parenting and employee monitoring.

3 thoughts on “TheOneSpy Review – Best Spy App for Android, iPhone, Mac & Windows

  1. Though OneSpy offers additional compatibility with Windows and Mac, its core app for Android still falls short of the signature spy features. I have had problems with the location monitoring and especially battery drainage. It is heavy for the smartphone. I chose Xnspy later on and I am still using it for the fact that it’s performance is much better than One Spy. It only takes 10MB of space and offers better monitoring features on Android.

    1. TheOneSpy is the best monitoring app so far after their latest update. They have resolved all issues and bugs in the Android monitoring app. After introducing the monitoring solutions for iPhone & MAC they have covered all the operating system platforms including Windows. Take a look at the complete and detailed unbiased review for TheOneSpy Monitoring application.

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