iPhone 11 Pro Titanic

Do you like Apple? Do you like maritime history (or James Cameron movies)? Do you like to spend money? Then you might be interested in the crazy $7,000 iPhone 11 Pro, which has RMS Titanic parts in them.

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iPhone 11 Pro Titanic, from the limited edition of the luxury Russian brand Caviar, brings fragment of the unfortunate ship. Now you can live the dream of having a piece of human tragedy stuck in the back of your phone.

This rare phone is limited to only 10 units worldwide, and will cost you $7,180- $7,870 depending on memory size for a regular Pro, and $7,640-8,330 for the Max version.

But the madness doesn’t end here.

Do you like Apple? Do you like space history (or Cold War rivalries)? You like to spend even more money? Then you might be interested in this even crazier phone: the $11,000 iPhone 11 Pro, which has a part of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceship in it.

The iPhone 11 Pro Vostok-1 is limited to just 1 unit worldwide, and costs $33,200-33,890 for the regular version, and $33,600-34,350 for the Max. Thankfully… shipping is free, however we are afraid to guess what the customs fees for this phone will be.

Whether you like the iPhone 11 Pro in the diamond, crocodile leather or 18k gold edition, Caviar delivers some interesting luxury versions.

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