Top 10 Best Web Browsers , You Should Install Right Now [2018]
Top 10 Best Web Browsers , You Should Install Right Now [2018]

We all know that web browser is probably the most important tool you have installed on your PC. Hence, today we will present a list of 10 best browsers that you should try in 2018, considering the features they offer.

Top 10 Best Web Browsers 2018, You Should Install Right Now

The browser is probably the most important tool you have installed on your PC. In this segment, there are several options, but the market is essentially dominated by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Today we will show you a list of 10 web browsers that you should try in 2018, considering the features they offer.

#1 Opera Neon

It’s called Opera Neon and achievement of immediate users only with its elegance and modernity. With this browser, the tabs will no longer exist, and a set of icons will be available. The search is also done directly from the browser environment.

#2 Vivaldi

Named after Vivaldi, this browser was created by former CEO and co-founder of Opera Software Jon von Tetzchner (who left the Opera in 2011) and has several very exciting features allied to the latest technology.

The most recent version of this browser brings an interesting feature is a possibility to be integrated with the system Philips Hue smart lights, thus being the first browser to have this support. In this way, the browser color scheme can follow the one defined in the Philips system.

#3 MxNitro

The MxNitro, the Maxton is one of the fastest Internet browsers. It is not only the fastest to navigate and present web pages, but it is also the fastest to be launched and to be used.

#4 Tor Browser

Navigating anonymously is not an easy task especially since everything we do gets registered. However, it is possible to “protect” our online privacy through additional tools that help us hide our identity.

For those who want to surf the Internet without a trace, the Tor Browser is undoubtedly the best solution.

#5 Torch

Torch is one of the navigators more popular than it has on the Internet, and that one stands out by complete it of its benefits. This browser comes with an integrated player, Media Grabber, (allows you to download videos and audio with a simple click), games, torrent manager and a touch facelift that allows, for example, to change the design of Facebook.

#6 Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser today. This browser haves all the skills needed to be best. Users can search and navigate from the same search box. You can find lots of extension in Chrome web store which make it easy for the users to try out new and awesome features.

The downside of this browser is, it consumes lots of resources. However, it provides a huge range of tweaks and settings to ensure maximum efficiency.

#7 Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser built for Windows 10. Edge is faster, safer and gives you longer battery life. Stream 4K and take notes on web pages. This browser is super-quick and has an integrated reading mode which makes complex sites more palatable.

Microsoft has also ensured that their Edge browser don’t suffer the security breaches which makes it more secure from its competitors.

#8 UC Browser

UC Browser for PC allows users to enjoy smooth browsing with low data consumption. And our brand new security feature ensures a safe surfing experience by blocking potential sources of malware and viruses before they get a chance to load on your computer. This browser also has an inbuilt ad block feature and also provides best video and streaming and download experience.

#9 Mozilla Firefox

If you are looking for a good web browser for all-around performance, then Mozilla Firefox will be the best one for you. This browser is quite slow compared to its competitors, but it was one of the most used web browsers in the world.

#10 Opera (New Version)

The latest version of Opera deserves to be on the list because it features a built-in ad blocker, battery saver, and free VPN. You can chat and browse at the same time using messengers in Opera because the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp built into the browser itself.



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