Australia is a place full of wonder. According to Stay at Base, the country is a habitat of amazing marsupials such as kangaroos and koalas, housing the most massive living structure in the world – the Great Barrier Reef. Every inch of Australia will surely take your breath away.

Handmade leather products in Australia are continuously becoming an emerging product that shows how stunning the nation is. Here is some popular choice of bags that you can find.

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A usual elongated bag you can find in stores nearby, a satchel has a long strap you can wear as a sling. Medium to moderately small, depending on the design it comes in a rectangular form. A great bag to carry as you shop, it is a type of a bag that has a flap in the front and can be closed using a buckle or little magnetic disc.


One of the most popular types of bags you can easily purchase anywhere, backpacks are popular with students and young professionals. Produced through a variety of materials, It has double straps you can wear on both of your shoulders and can come in many shapes and sizes.  Its primary purpose is for durability and commonly serves as a multi-functional carrier for long travels, with excruciating environmental conditions through long periods. These include knapsacks, sack bags, and trekking bags.

Sling bags

Other terms for this kind of bag includes Messenger Bag, Bucket Bag, Saddle Bag, and Shoulder bag.; Sling Bags have durability and are frequently used by mailmen or people who work for freight and delivery services. Another form of it, Saddle Bags are shaped like the pockets that are frequently seen in saddles of horseback riders or equestrians. Because of its features, this type of bag is now regularly used by students or those that are frequently travelling. Considered as one of the most affordable bags in the market, depending on the design, it comes in a rectangular or square format. Materials commonly used are leather, cotton, knit, or wool, and it can be closed either by zippers, pins, closed knots, drawstrings, or a magnetic buckle.

Kelly Bags

One of the most sophisticated types of bags on the list, it separates itself on the file with its specialized metal clasp on the rear or front part. Typically used for formal events and occasions, it is usually identified with Australian Tea Parties, and a standard accessory during Royal Weddings paired up with extravagant fascinator hats.

Materials used for this type of handmade leather product in Australia are leather because of its classy assumed role in Australian events. Nowadays, it is usually spotted worn by fashion-forward young ladies and a staple sight in Sydney’s Central Business District.

Considered as a fashion couture item, famous brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton have their own Kelly Bag versions. It may be a bit pricy to acquire, but acquiring a Kelly Bag is now considered a form of investment, especially with the branded type of Kelly Bags since time goes by, its value adds up in the market.


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