Best Sedans in 2020

One of the most popular types of passenger cars among the residents of the US is a sedan. Comfortable, cost-effective, spacious, and, at the same time, prestigious – that’s all about them. Let’s choose the best sedan in 2020 together with experts from

This vehicle class will suit any type of family, no matter if it’s a single person or a complete family with a few kids. Basically, it has a spacious interior and a large trunk.

Top 5 Sedans in 2020

1. Toyota Camry

This beauty opens our rating. Camry is more than just a one-time-best-selling sedan both in the USA and a few other countries. It’s a real legend in the sector! Her competitors are Mazda 6, Nissan Teana, and Skoda Superb.

Camry has all the necessary amenities. Standard equipment includes ABS, ESP, Android Auto smartphone compatibility, several airbags, front/rear electric windows. In addition, there is dual-zone climate control, front-seat heating, electric heating of the windshield, etc.

This car is available in L, LE, SE, XSE, XLE, and TRD trims. It has a new 2L engine (gas) and a 6-speed automatic transmission. It has replaced the old 4-speed hydraulic automatic transmission. In addition to the 2L engine, there are two more – 2.5L with 203 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque (+ 3 hp and 2 lb-ft for XSE models) and 3.5L V6 (301 HP, 267 lb-ft).

  • Pros: reliable, spacious, safe, four-cylinder engine, easy-to-drive (comfortable seats, great steering control, and visibility)
  • Cons: costly spare parts, loud engine noise, outdated stock infotainment system.

The price starts from $24.295 for the Standard package with a 2L engine. The most expensive configuration, Executive Safety with a 3.5L engine will cost $35,130.

2. Skoda Superb

The second place in the ranking of the best sedan-class cars is occupied by the previous Toyota Camry competitor. The basic Skoda Superb version includes ABS, airbags, front and rear power windows, steering wheel height/reach adjustment. It also includes up-to-date assistance systems, AC, electric drive, mirror heating, front and rear parking sensors, fog lights, rain sensor.

You can choose one of the four available engines – 1.8L, 2.0L, or 3.6L (gas), or 2.0L (diesel). There is a 6-speed manual or 6- and 7-speed automatic transmission. 0-60 mph takes 8.6 seconds with a 155 mph top speed.

  • Pros: comfort, soft suspension. Owners note that the car is perfectly controlled even on the most wrecked roads. Good noise insulation. The quality of materials and design of the interior is at a high level. The seats at the back are beyond competition. Great fuel economy both in a city or highway.
  • Cons: arches make noise on the coarse asphalt. Long idling in winters. Low liquidity in the secondary market, losing 20% of its value per year.

Skoda Superb is available in two versions – Elegance and Laurin & Klement. The first one offers a 1.8L engine with manual transmission. The price starts at $25,998.

An all-wheel-drive version with the most powerful 3.6L engine (260 hp) will cost more than $30.998. The Laurin & Klement version can be purchased for $34.998.

3. Volkswagen Polo Sedan

The third place in the ranking is deservedly occupied by Volkswagen Polo Sedan. It’s cost-effective and convenient, with more than a great combination of price and quality.

The Volkswagen Polo sedan fits your wallet just fine, does not require a lot of maintenance, and is easy to repair. This car has a roomy interior, which makes it a perfect family car. For the last nine years, the Polo has been assembled at a factory near Kaluga, Russia. The model was specially designed with improved performance characteristics to match the harsh climate conditions of the country, bad roads, and other similar peculiarities.

The most common engines on the market are the 1.6L’s with 105 HP. There is also a not so popular 85 HP option.

  • Pros. Reliable, economical, high ground clearance.
  • Cons. All are connected with the car class and price. Bad interior rag, scratchy oak plastic everywhere, bad soundproofing, motor performance is well audible. The front suspension’s weak spot is cross stabilizer racks.

The price starts at $9,031 for Conceptline. $10 130 (Trendline), $10,804 (Connect), $10,879 (Comfortline).

4. Honda Accord

The fourth position goes to the Honda Accord. Because of its high price, the car is not very popular on the market, but it’s still beautiful and reliable. Honda, as a company, has suffered a significant drop in sales, and, therefore, it’s fourth in the top.

Despite that, the Accord is getting better every year – the latest update has made it more stable, roomy, reliable, and ergonomic. Experts consider this car to be the best family car of them all. It simply “behaves well” both in a city and on the highway. If you have enough money, this car definitely deserves attention.

The new Honda Accord is offered in Elegance, Sport, Executive, and Premium versions. The basic model includes two-zone climate control, keyless entry system, keyless push-button start, heated front seats, headlight washer, and an 8-inch color display.

In addition, the price includes an audio system with 6 speakers and control buttons located on the steering wheel, USB-connector, cruise control, rain/light sensor, pulsed power windows on all doors, electrically heated mirrors, and fog lights.

  • Pros. Comfort, rigid but comfortable suspension.
  • Cons. Small clearance.

The cheapest Accord can be purchased for $29,842. The price will increase depending on the package.

5. Kia Optima

Elegance, spaciousness, beauty, and reliability are the words experts use when talking about the Kia Optima. The updated sedan was first presented in 2018, the car’s appearance was improved since then, and a number of technical innovations were introduced.

Today you can recognize the Optima by a new radiator grille, plus the headlights are now LED. The basic (Classic) package includes air conditioning, heated front seats, windshield in the rest area of wipers and exterior mirrors (with electric drive), fabric interior upholstery, and 16-inch alloy wheel disks.

The complete Comfort package will offer separate climate control, Drive Mode Select, and a leather steering wheel.

The Luxe version includes a Supervision dashboard with a color 4.3” display, leather trim door panels and a center console, electric driver seat adjustment with memory function, navigation system with a 7” display.

The Prestige has wireless phone charging, a premium Harman/Kardon audio system with 10 speakers (including a subwoofer and external amplifier).

The maximum speed is 149 mph, 0-60 mph takes 10.7 seconds. The car “eats” 8 liters per 60 miles in a city and 6-7 liters on a highway.

  • Pros. Value for money, attractive exterior, comfortable interior, inexpensive maintenance.
  • Cons. Noise insulation leaves much to be desired, poor-quality windshield, “weak” plastic.

Retail price for the car varies from $24,890 to $27,742

How to Choose a Sedan

As sedans are the most popular cars in the secondary market, you should be precisely careful when choosing one. Their utility, comfort, and availability are the reasons for huge popularity. This type of car is suitable for both families and youth.

Retailers often adjust the mileage to increase the value of the car. Cheating can be a few tens and hundreds of thousands of miles! Thus, in no case, limit your “inspection” to the mileage alone. Dirty dusty engine, shabby interior, muddy lights will tell you that the car is “tired” and has run more than those 30,000 miles shown on the counter.

If you buy a car from a dealership (new/used), remember that you may be imposed on additional services. Managers try to sell as many questionable quality “accessories” and extra equipment as possible.

Check the car with a special device called the “thickness gauge,” especially the roof. The car might be repaired after a serious accident. And if it has flipped over in an accident, it may have distorted geometry. Besides, cheap repairs and fake airbag replacements can harm you and your passengers.

Be careful not to run into a bad car. Do not try to get it once you like it – check special websites first. The car may be on credit, arrested, have registry action limits, etc. Modern services will even show you if the car has previously been involved in an accident.


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