With an easy boat trip from Singapore, there is a whole new space of fun with a beach and yummy food water slides for kids and trampoline with a sensational and amazing relaxed vibe and the place is none other than Rawa Island. The people with stress od worldly life usually come here with families to have a break and enjoy the beautiful scenario and have some relaxation. Imagine the sun backed white grains of sand between your toes when you amble along the beach. Swimming in the calm atmosphere in a warm sea of south China.  With greenery and vegetation all around you. Or just watching the beautiful scenario of sun lazily crossing the orange horizon. It is a beautiful beach and an appealing holiday place for all age group. There are many things you can do and enjoy but top five things you can enjoy in Rawa Island are listed as.


One of the best things about beaches is its calm atmosphere the echo of seashores gives you inner relaxation and an unknown pleasure so just sit by the sea and enjoy the waves crashing on the shores. It may sound so boring but it is, in fact, one of the most major thing people used to do to get over the hustle bustle of worldly life in the lap of nature. Spending time here is one of quality time you choose for yourself in your busy life and nothing can give you the joy you can feel here.


It’s impossible if you are visiting a beach with your family or friends and you don’t play a volleyball, in fact, volleyball is considered as the main thing you do on a beach just as the snorkeling. The resort at Rawa Island also provides an arrangement for beach volleyball. The resort has provided a complete vacation scenario and has less distraction and beautiful sun, sand, and water.


The Beach of Rawa Island is, in fact, a perfect place for snorkeling and not just that the resort provides all the snorkeling gears on rent to enjoy the beautiful pure water and have fun to have a memory for life. The snorkeling leads you to entire new place, the north to the south band is full of amazing tropical fish species as well as rich with beautiful and colorful coral. The western beach of Rawa Island is a perfect place for snorkeling.


Visiting rawa island and not eating the cuisine is impossible. Some of the restaurants in two resorts serve the best of local cuisine and are even famous for the cuisine at a very considerable cost. Some of the local cuisine restaurants are the main attraction of Rawa Island while the major highlights include the seafood, as well as some of the tropical liquors with local species.


The very relaxing thing you can do to complete your vacation is the spa. The rawa island offers you the best massage you will ever have in the chirawan spa so you can give it another visit in you every vacation and share with your friends to make them visit the rawa island.

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