Going green today has become a way of life for responsible people. One can try every possible opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.  A major cause of concern, however, is the car you drive because cars and eco-friendliness do not necessarily go hand-in-hand and buying a green car with tier 4 final approval is not an option for all.

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However, the situation is not so dismal. You can adopt easy habits that can make your conventional car reduce emissions and make them go easy on the environment. Check out a few proven ways to make your gas-guzzler more eco-friendly irrespective of its model, make or year.

  • Replace the engine to a modern version

Since 2008, the EPA made it mandatory for all vehicles to be tier 4 final compliant, which reduces toxic emissions by about 80 percent. While it may not be possible for all cars because of the available space constraints, it can be achieved in a few select models. If your engine is swapped to a modern tier four complaint ones, you can make a major move towards a healthier environment.

  • Do not drive with under-inflated tires

Most of us do not bother about tire pressure and end up driving with under-inflated tires but they do not roll as efficiently as their fully inflated counterparts. This makes fuel consumption go up as the engine has to work harder to yield the same power and performance, making your tire reach its death early. Hence, by checking and maintaining the recommended pressure of the tires, you can save fuel, your tires and reduce polluting emissions.

  • Invest in eco-friendly tires

Very few people are aware that you have the option of eco-friendly tires available in the market. They are crafted from eco-friendly materials such as synthetic rubber blends and have a far improved rolling resistance that reduces gas emissions, thereby boosting gas mileage. They are of a higher quality and a much better choice to adopt.

  • Get regular tune-ups

A regular tune-up of your car is the easiest way to increase its fuel economy, reliability and longevity. The oil in the car is used repeatedly, making it turn viscous which reduces its lubricating properties and does not facilitate the smooth movement of the engine components. Regular tune-ups reduce the resistance and ensure a smoother performance. It can easily boost your gas mileage by four percent and improve fuel efficiency by forty percent.

  • Fix the fuel system

There are plenty of components in a fuel system like the fuel pump, filters, lines, injectors, etc And if any of them is faulty, it reduces fuel efficiency. Getting them checked, maintained, and serviced regularly will reduce the carbon footprint significantly. The smell of the fuel near your car is a sure shot indicator of the fuel system going haywire.

  • Drive slower

Driving fast might look like a fashionable thing, but it’s a waste of your money and increases the pollutants emitted by your car. Driving slowly will earn you fewer traffic tickets, increase your fuel efficiency and mileage, as well as reduce the risk of an accident.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of other steps that you can take to reduce the carbon footprint of your car like keeping your car-load light, using a greener car wash, getting your emission system checked and maintained, etc. It takes just a few healthy habits to drive more greenly.


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