The Triumph Scrambler is a classic, powerful, and genuine off-road motorcycle designed for daring riders. The first-ever model which has a tubular steel cradle with a brawny 856cc parallel-twin engine was unveiled in 2006. Steve McQueen, among other famous riders, was seen with this motorcycle, overtaking cars on highways.

Through the years, several scrambler models evolved due to its popularity, excellent build, and flexibility for customization. In case you are looking for unique parts like triumph scrambler tail light, shields, gas tank protectors, or body accents, here’s a comprehensive buying guide that will help you find the right parts for your budget.

Triumph Scrambler: The Good

The Scrambler has a reputation of bare-bones motorcycles that are capable of carving through muddy, asphalt, and dessert roads comfortably. These motorcycles have an all-around character thanks to its exceptional terrain ability and parallel-twin engines.

Since its launch in 2006, the Scrambler has evolved and improved, with laser-focused engine and performance for smoother riding experience. This year, Triumph has released the newest model, 1200 XC 2019; comprising of a severe off-road engine and weight, with 90/7400 KW horsepower. Its fuel system is a multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection made for outstanding maneuverability.

When it comes to personalization, the Scrambler series is ready for custom-build, with accessories perfect for improving the rider’s experience. The advantage of the Scrambler to other motorcycles is the bare-bone build. If you want to add shields, braces or change the tail light, everything is possible.

Best Parts And Accessories

For adding efficiency and style, you can add more accessories or change parts of the motorcycle.

Tail Light

Changing the triumph scrambler tail light not only adds functionality to the motorcycle but also complement rear fender, a noticeable feature of the Scrambler. LED taillights are all the rage today, for a sleek and modern look. In every break, the LED tail light appears in a laser-like and edgy look.

With the addition of an LED taillight, you can boost your safety and at the same time, style. Also, some tail lights are incredibly fit in size, removing the weight of a significant signal light.


If you require specific alterations on the position, you can always purchase or customize the cushion. Some people are shorter in height or incredibly tall that the built-in seat may be uncomfortable for legs and buttocks. A new place provides a better upright position for safety on the road, and to better carry weight when riding the motorcycle.

Seats are also crucial in the road action, as a driver can easily maneuver, shift, and control the bike. Surface irregularities can also be corrected with the right motorcycle seat. Hence, some people opt to get new material for their comfort and safety.

Plate Frame

Most of the time, changing the plate frame is only for aesthetic purposes. Adding brim lights to the plate helps to identify the brand, and to address road laws and regulations. Displaying a motorcycle’s plate is necessary for the authorities to find out if the bike is registered or not.

For thrill-seekers, riding a motorcycle is a constant adventure. Owning one becomes even more rewarding with the flexibility to customize parts and build of the bike. Consider buying these parts and accessories to increase the appeal and safety features of the motorcycle.


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