Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Starting today, April 16, 02:00 till May 6. 02:00

Sony offers 2 free games for anyone who has a PS4 for a limited time as part of an initiative to encourage people to stay home.

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As part of the “Play at Home” initiative, anyone with a PS4 will be able to download a digital copy of Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for free starting today, April 16, 02:00 to May 6. 02:00.

Every month Sony offers free games for those who are subscribing to PlayStation Plus, but this promotion is for everyone, regardless of whether they have a subscription or not.

On the other hand the company reminds everyone that the download will take longer than usual. Last month Sony said it was working with internet operators to slow down game downloads to allow the service to meet the huge demand of the moment.

The new initiative also includes a $10 million creative fund to help independent gaming developers who are going through difficult times due to pandemics, says Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Intersctive Entertainment.

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