Top 3 Home Office Upgrades You Need If You Work from Home,

Top 3 Home Office Upgrades You Need If You Work from Home

Your home is not equipped for work. Duh! It is a space where you should be resting, not doing office work. However, because of the recent pandemic, a lot of employees had to their jobs at home. 

It is already difficult to keep “home” from “office.” Now that people are required to integrate both, it becomes extra challenging. Do not worry, though. Whatever challenges you might be facing with your current work from home situation, you can solve them with these upgrades.    

Separate Screens


Are you the type of person who uses a lot of tabs? Some jobs would require you to switch to different applications all the time. There are even situations where you need to look at other tabs at the same time! For sure, you have experienced being in a video call, and you need to type in notes or check a document while talking about it. It is a struggle to keep up, and honestly, a disorganized strategy looking and switching different tabs. You might be conquering this problem by using your desktop screen while also using your phone screen. This technique is excellent, but it can hurt your neck in the long run because you are looking at two screens on different levels.  

You need screens that are standing equally side by side. The best dual monitor stand can help you be in a video call on one screen while taking notes on the other. Using this tool is also an excellent way for you to be efficient and look at two things simultaneously instead of switching on tabs. You will be more productive if you create a designated space for your work with VoIP desk phones. Are you curious to know what are VoIP desk phones? VoIP phones are the future and you need them most when you are focusing on work from home.


Of course, you are not alone in your house. You live with your family. You also might not be the only one working from home. Living with other people can be a challenge when you are in a meeting. You do not want any noise interrupting your presentation or call with your boss and co-workers. 

Your home office is exposed to a lot of noise – noise from your housemates, dog, and traffic outside. Make some upgrades to your home office that will help dampen the sound. You can put in soundproofing strips to the rims of your door or windows to help soundproof your office. You can also use noise-canceling earphones to help you focus on your work and not get distracted by noises. 

Work Space


You will be more productive if you create a designated space for your work. It does not have to be a room. It just needs to be a space or a corner as long as you are not working on your bed or just putting your laptop on your lap. Look for a table where you can put all your work-related things on. It is also essential that you get a comfortable office chair. You would be working long hours and probably sitting for long hours. You can opt to get a standing table if that would be better for you. 

Working from home can be difficult, but you can separate the house from the office with proper tools. You can design a home office that is effective and comfortable with these upgrades. With these hacks and tips, you will be able to do your job better. 

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