Wall-TV, The Revolutionary Screens From Samsung (Photo)
Wall-TV, The Revolutionary Screens From Samsung (Photo)

Samsung has introduced at IFA 2018 in Berlin “The Wall“, a revolutionary Micro LED display designed for home-based businesses and facilities.

Equipped with self-emitting display technology and a modular design, “The Wall” can be fully customized, enabling users to choose without hesitation how to integrate the TV screen into their spaces.

Also, Samsung introduced a new 49-inchThe Frame” with the optional “Easy Discovery” element, where every user can easily access specially crafted artwork by displaying them on the screen without being to not need to look into hundreds of options.

Not only that, the “The Frame” Art Store is expanding day by day, with a wide range of over 850 artwork from some of the world’s most famous art institutions, including the Berlin State Museum, the Museum Victoria & Albert and the Tate Museum.

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