Let’s be honest.  Working out can be expensive! Gym memberships and group fitness classes cost hundreds of dollars per year, money which you could spend on so many other things. This is why some of us are turning to home gyms to stay in shape. However, buying all the equipment you need to get fit isn’t always cheap, either.

If you want to set up a home gym without breaking the bank, here are some tips to consider.

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Shop Second-Hand

A lot of people feel ambitious about getting in shape, buy gym equipment for their house, then never use it. As a result, thrift stores, yard sales, and resale sites like eBay and Craig’s List are full of like-new exercise equipment. From free weights to workout DVDs to treadmills, you are sure to find what you’re looking for, and for a fraction of the price of buying it new. Even if it’s an outdated model, as long as the equipment isn’t warped or broken, it’s still a fine option for working out.

Get a Loan

Larger pieces of gym equipment could cost you an entire paycheck, which just isn’t financially feasible for many people. Fortunately, a short-term loan can give you the boost you need to bring home that elliptical you’ve been eyeing. Companies like SkyCap Financial and others offer a short approval process and affordable payments, so you can start to enjoy your new home gym right away.

Split the Cost with a Friend

Do you have a fitness buddy (or two) in your neighborhood? Suggest splitting the cost of workout equipment. You can set up a home gym in one house but offer anytime access to the other person who pitches in some cash. You will hold each other accountable for working out as well as half the price you pay for the equipment. This is the perfect option for BFFs or close family members who want to get in shape together.

Keep it Simple

While buying the coolest new exercise machines you see advertised on TV sounds cool, it can also be pricey. Did you know you can actually do amazing workouts at home for free? Try bodyweight exercises like crunches and push-ups or go for a run outdoors. You can even find free bodyweight workout videos online that you can follow along with to get your heart pumping.

Getting in shape at home doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Shop smart, share with a friend, or take out a loan to help with the cost. You’ll be fit both physically and financially!


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