Disappearing video is great — unless you don’t want it to disappear! Now, Instagram Stories will give you the option to save a replay of your live videos.

The company announced the move in a blog post on Tuesday — which also describes how you’ll use the new feature.


  • If you’re the one live streaming a video, you’ll simply press the Share button that automatically pops up when you stop broadcasting.
  • If you want to watch someone’s archived replay, just look for a Play button under their profile picture in the Stories bar above your feed (see the right-most image above).

The new feature already appears to be live, as part of fresh updates for the Instagram app on both iOS and Android.

In related news, Instagram told CNBC today that 250 million people are now using Instagram Stories every single day, up from 200 million in April, when Instagram Stories pulled ahead of Snapchat for the first time. Snapchat currently stands at 166 million daily active users, according to its website.

It’s not clear how many people actively use Instagram Stories’ live video feature, though. Instagram’s blog post only states that millions of people have tried it.


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