Ways Technology is Making Education Affordable and Available


Sal Khan took it upon himself to assist his niece with mathematics. To him, it was not a big deal because he did not have any expectations whatsoever. As you know, math is a challenging subject that gives many students headaches. He had no idea that embarking on the journey would come with something great. That led to Khan Academy’s development, which was to offer free education to anyone in the world. He went ahead and used YouTube to register his niece to an advanced track while at school. It takes time before something grows, and Khan was able to grow from there. A few people started watching his videos, and the number increased to millions of people, and his empire began.

Khan Academy is the best for technology space, but other companies offer the same. Ed-tech is excellent because it gives students around the globe the opportunity to learn without any difficulty. Last year the company made a massive record for itself. The world is changing, and technology is growing very fast. The number of digital courses, tutoring help, and companies that offer term papers for sale grows every day. There is no way you can compare the world now and a few years ago. Things are becoming more comfortable and better as days pass by. Many people are investing in different things, and that is changing the world massively. Investment is helping in so many ways;

  1. Improving Access because of technology 

Education is vital. All students need to get a quality education for them to make it in life. Some people hand it hard to access education online due to many problems. A study shows that in 2012, millions of students did not get the chance to join a school, which is a bad thing. Many people are trying to use technology to make education better in every part of the globe. It will be much better when each student can study and be what he/she wants. There is no need to blame parents here because they have a lot of battles to fight. Technology is making things better, and that is what matters.

  1. Overcoming Cost

 Something that is making education more complicated is the cost. In 2012, numerous public schools had a huge debt that was more than $406 million. Education is becoming more expensive, and in some way, it is affecting even the teachers. A study showed that most teachers use money from their pockets to buy supplies that students can use in class. That is sad because teachers are doing so much work trying to give students the best they can.

Ed-tech is doing a perfect job when it comes to financial problems. There is a site that gives educators the chance to mention all their needs to get help. It does not matter the request that you have, even if you want pencils for the students, that is fine. The site started in 2000, and it has helped so many students and institutions. You can reach them on Ed-tech is making education better by giving teachers less stress and problems. The site claims that it has assisted more than 14 million learners, which is a vast number.

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