Light, strong and durable are the three characteristics of the aluminum bodywork. The extremely light but strong construction is the basis for the sustainable loading platform. The body is made of aluminum snap lock profiles. For the construction we use only recycled aluminum which is less harmful to the environment but just as strong. You also achieve an optimum return because the low own weight means that the load capacity is high

Benefits of aluminum body for call

  • High-quality as new aluminum
  • 90% less CO2 emissions during production
  • Less harmful to the environment but just as strong
  • Sustainable construction product
  • Transport pressure is low because a lot can be transported in one go

The use of aluminum by Cymat Technologies in the parts that make up cars and trucks has increased steadily in the last decade. The SAF Aluminum alloy is applied to cars, which not only have obvious energy savings but also respond to the growing trend of safety, environmental protection and cars and have significant economic and social benefits. Since the weight of the car body is very important throughout the vehicle, the development of high performance and discreet car panels is an important part of the lightweight car process.

At present, there is no large-scale application of aluminum alloy in car frames in China, mainly because the price of aluminum alloy is about 2 times higher than that of ordinary steel and the formulation of aluminum alloy sheets is more difficult than conventional steel sheets. . These two problems affect the use of aluminum alloy sheets for car body applications. But with the continued development of science and technology, these problems will be well resolved.

First of all, the improvement and advancement of fusion technology will increase productivity, so the unit price of aluminum alloy will continue to decline and the concepts of property protection by governments and people around the world will gradually increase. As a result, it is strongly needed for car manufacturers to adopt more with the change in technology and costs. More aluminum alloy.

Second, the problem of low foil sealing performance can be achieved by rationalizing the ratio of each alloying element to material research and improving the overall performance of the alloy with a reasonable proportion and interaction between the elements. On the one hand, processes such as heat treatment and rolling processes can be improved to improve the foil sealing ability.

First of all, improving smell technology and advancing will continually improve productivity, both lowering the price of aluminum alloy unit and governments around the world and popular concept of environmental protection, is gradually increasing and will ask manufacturers through the change technology and the cost for aluminum alloy which is more.

Second, according to the foil performance sealing performance is not a high problem we can use to optimize the blend ratio of alloy elements on the science of materials research, improve the integral properties of the alloy through a reasonable proportion between the elements and interactions, one can improve the process such as heat treatment and rolling process to improve sealing by forming the capacity of the aluminum alloy plate.


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