treatment of male baldness

While many do not treat male baldness as a disorder or disease, it can be disruptive and distressing for those, who experience it. Male patterned baldness (MPB) is genetic. A man inherits the genes from his parents. It affects around 80% of the male population by the age of 80. It is common among Caucasian males. You can find the lowest incidence of it in the Asian and African countries.

Is baldness becoming an epidemic?

If you are experiencing hair loss at an alarming rate, it might help you to know that you are not alone. About 1 in 5 Americans have receding hairlines, and roughly 20% of them are under the age of 30. While it provides some consolation to the affected individual, it barely helps with the decreasing self-esteem. Many invest in “snake oil” treatments to regrow their lost pride, while others hide their baldness with expensive wigs and toupes. However, is there a long-term cure for the continuous loss of hair and receding hairline? Where does the hair loss finally stop? When will you be able to look at the hairbrush and heave a sigh of relief?

Why should you NOT worry about MPB?

Right now, the treatment for any form of hair loss depends upon blood tests. At first, the doctor might ask you about the incidence of baldness among the men in your family. If a woman suffers from patterned baldness, don’t forget to mention that either. If you are the first member of your family displays symptoms of baldness, the doctor might run a few tests to determine the cause.

  • Blood test – it can help reveal factors causing the baldness.
  • Scalp biopsy – it will show the presence or absence of infections that might have led to the hair loss.
  • Light microscopy – this method helps the doctor discover the different disorders of the hair shaft that might cause the exacerbated hair loss.

What are the most effective treatments for MPB?

Currently, there are several treatment options available for baldness. Some of them even promise the reversal of hair loss. Propecia a commonbaldness treatment that works wonders for most men under the age of 60. Propecia or finasteride is a prescription drug that can slow the pace of balding and it can also induce new hair growth. However, it is a prescription medication that requires medical attention and tests. The entire process can be a bit on the expensive side for many. You should try looking for discount coupons online that can get you lucrative offers on the brand-name drug.

Why should you stick to Finasteride?

Other over-the-counter drugs claim to treat male baldness as well. Most of them come in topical form, but these OTC solutions usually increase the hair loss for the first couple of days. The new hair that grows is generally thinner and shorter than previous hair. They look and feel different. The OTC topical solutions take at least six months to work. You need to be ready to brace more hair loss to stop your receding hairline finally.

Unless you are ready for such an ordeal, you should always stick to prescription medication like Finasteride. This drug works faster than the OTC medications and does not cause excessive hair fall in the first few days.



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