Digital transformation changing Insurance sector

Why Does the Insurance Sector Need Call Center Services?

In today’s complex and dynamic business environment, significant changes are taking place in the insurance sector. The main reasons behind this are changing market trends and stringent government policies. The insurance sector is witnessing new operational challenges, like building a competitive pricing model, maintaining high turnover ratios, and many others.

In past years also, organizations in the insurance sector have appreciated the need for flexible outsourcing models. Outsourcing call center services bring more sustainability and profitability to the companies in this sector.


Role of Call Centre Companies in the Insurance Sector

Insurance companies commonly use outsourcing services for carrying out different business processes, ranging from claims handling and underwriting to policy servicing. Here are some reasons how BPO helps insurance companies to boost their profitability and productivity:


• Access to an Efficient Team

One of the critical aspects of the BPO model is the call center service team’s efficiency. This is because now customers expect speedy replies from the company’s they follow. It can be quite cumbersome if you are managing the phone along with handling other core functions.

Outsourcing will provide an efficient and effective call center team for dealing with customer calls and queries. This will streamline business operations that will create a good image in your customer’s mind. Your personnel can concentrate on more complex issues while your consumers will be offered wonderful service.

•Support for More Than One Language

It may be possible that your customer asks queries in any language which your staff doesn’t speak. This situation will not only be embarrassing for your agent but will also portray a bad image of a company. On the other hand, if you hire call center services, there will be constant support for different languages, which will be beneficial for you and your clients.

This will help you reach a wider and diverse range of customers, keeping your organization much ahead of competitors. For example, Mr. Joseph calls ABC Inc.’s insurance phone to ask a query in Spanish, but unfortunately, your personnel only speak English. It may cause substantial communication drift between your agent and the customers. But the BPO model gives the advantage of providing their agents who can speak multiple languages.

• Financial Accounting

An insurance company can efficiently manage its cash inflow and outflow along with better customer service by outsourcing. It will make streamlined finance & accounting processes while integrating the billing and reconciliation processes of the business.

• Help in the Growth of the Company

If your business is flourishing or needs an additional workforce for a new marketing project, outsourcing work to a call center company is a good option for growth. Outsourcing is highly effective for organizations where this work is designated to their inbound team, managing the calls and emails to deal with other significant projects.

Agents of the call center are given the training to deal with their customer’s queries during high and low workloads. It means fees paid will not be wasted in any situation. Hence, if your company is in the growth phase, it’s advisable to outsource call center services rather than managing it on your own, as it might become too frustrating and stressful.

• Policy Administration

Third-party vendors, i.e., BPO providers, help insurance companies manage their work in different areas, like endorsements, customer service, premium audits, claim disbursements, and premium collections. They also ensure adherence to the policies and regulations applicable to the specific industry or sector.

• You Will Save More Money

Another main advantage of opting for the outsourcing option is that it will save money. You will not have to recruit employees for specified roles like answering customer calls or invest in expensive software to manage emails, phone calls, and other forms of communication.

This money saved may be invested in other important areas of your business.

•Underwriting Services

The full process of underwriting services is handled by outsourcing service providers in the insurance sector. The primary services include advanced analytics, application processing eligibility checks, business process management, verification of customers account verification submission and clearance, and many more.

In property data management, your outsourcing partners may use rating tools and automated underwriting engines. It allows the underwriting teams to effectively determine the risks. They also help in auditing services where risk exposure in the customer’s policy is involved.


In a nutshell, BPO is a strategic decision for insurance companies that wish to flourish in this competitive world. They facilitate them in minimizing costs and survive business uncertainties. Moreover, they set a robust foundation for prospective expansion and growth.

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