With the property market at such a premium, people choose to remain at their current homes and upgrade existing facilities when they can. The starting point is often the kitchen.

Fortunately, the DIY industry makes this more affordable, particularly in the expensive area of cabinetry. With this low-cost approach, there’s no excuse to start the renovation of your kitchen on a budget. Let’s explore the benefits of cabinets that are ready to assemble and what to look for when buying them.

1. Price

This may seem obvious, but few people realize just how much can be saved by assembling cabinets themselves. Kitchen factories buy these products in bulk and flat pack them, making storage and shipping costs significantly cheaper.

RTA cabinets are often up to 50% less than their ready-made version. Added to that; the hefty labor costs of custom kitchens can be avoided altogether, or you can hire assistance at a fraction of the price of a construction crew.

2. Variety

Great online stores offer ready to assemble cabinets in just about any style, color, and finish that you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for something classic, timeless, or contemporary, you’re bound to find it online.

3. Design

Hiring an architect or interior designer, or both, can cost an absolute fortune and shatter any budget in seconds. Look for a wholesaler that offers free design services with the help of a professional. This will allow you to visualize your design and layout, and make any alterations you’d like before you spend any money.

4. Quality

Durability is essential because a remodeled kitchen should last for a long time, so it’s crucial to find a reputable company that’s known for high-quality products. Solid wood doors are a good start because they can cope when exposed to high temperatures and moisture over time and won’t buckle and warp as cheap particle board does.

5. Simplicity

Look for a company that offers detailed but straightforward assembly instructions and all the parts in one package. If you’re assembling the cabinets yourself, this will make your life far more comfortable, and if you’re receiving help, it’ll save time and subsequently money on labor.

6. Turnaround Time

Wholesale, ready to assemble cabinets, are flat packed and easily stored in a warehouse without using up too much space. As a result, they’ll usually be in stock and are available in a matter of days, as opposed to custom kitchens which can take months.

7. Storage

If you’re doing the project over time or waiting until you’re not as busy, storage space is certainly a concern. RTA cabinets are flat packed and easily stored away, allowing you to take advantage of any specials you find, or finish the project when it suits you best.


Finally, excellent RTA customer service is also among the reasons why it stands out. Look for a reputable supplier that offers personalized service and a reliable guarantee or warranty. Quick response times and being treated well are a good indication of a supplier that cares.


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  1. the turnaround time is the real factor. If you do business with a good company, then this can make all the difference. Great article. thnx.


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