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Playing the piano is rewarding and entertaining for the player as well as the audience. You might believe that playing the piano is boring since a person just sits there are moves his fingers, but research shows that playing the keyboard lights up the problem-solving, logic-and-reasoning, mathematical or calculating areas and other areas that command emotional intelligence.

That explains why most children, who learn to play the piano at an early age have a high average IQ. Furthermore, adults, who had taken piano lessons as kids, often have a higher success rate in life, than those who were not musically oriented. On the other hand, these studies show that hundreds of children in Huntington play the piano or they are learning to play the instrument. Therefore, it is not as difficult as adults believe it to be. In fact, playing the piano helps with several other aspects of learning music.

Here’s why, we think, you should take piano lessons –

  1. You will learn to read music

Not a lot of people bother about reading music, especially if they are not singers or musicians. However, reading music is a must, if you have dreams of playing on stage or performing in a band. While playing with other musicians, standard sheet music is the only thing besides your memory that will help you play cohesively with the others. Now, you will find several online resources that might promise you to teach how to read music, but unless you are exercising what you are reading, you will have a tough time remembering the tricks of the trade. Besides, there are hundreds of piano schools across Huntington that you can approach for music lessons when you have the time.

  1. You can begin at any age

We know, we have mentioned how easy it is for children to pick up a musical instrument. However, there is no particular age for picking up an instrument. Just like swimming or cycling, you can learn to play the piano at any age.

Therefore, if you are looking for piano lessons for your child, or your parents, you can simply search for “piano lessons near me Huntington NY” and explore the listed options. Most of the schools in the locality offer classes for both children and adults. Some of them have special classes for senior citizens that they hold inside the premises of retirement homes or they organize schedules according to the convenience of the elderly students.

  • You will learn to play by the ear

Sometimes, it is not enough to know how to read music. Once you have taken a few lessons, you might want to play a favorite song on the piano during a family party. You might not have the sheet music for it. That’s when your ability to play by ear will save the day.

It is not always an easy thing to do, but you can quickly achieve it with a little practice. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always a result of inborn talent. It is true that some very talented children are able to play almost all songs by ear, but even adults, who have never played the piano before can begin doing so by honing their ear for music. In short, it is possible for everyone to learn to play by ear with time and practice.

  1. Music for the tone-deaf ears

Many adults, who have never received music lessons, are afraid of being tone deaf. That is when they can distinguish between two or more sounds. Interestingly, there are quite a few famous musicians, who were once tone deaf. With regular practice and dedication, they were finally able to overcome the hurdle.

If you suspect that you might be tone-deaf, you should first take a test to determine the truth. Several online sources offer free tests. Or, you can go to a Huntington music school that offers similar testing services. If you pass, you can happily enroll for your first music lesson. However, if you fail, do not lose hope. The experienced piano teachers in Huntington can help you learn to play from “memory” until you learn to tell they notes by ear.

Whether you begin with “hot cross buns” or “happy birthday to you,” you have a long way to go before your first public performance, but that should not be a reason to give up. The most challenging part is researching the options, facing your fears, analyzing your aspirations and matching them with reality. Once you find the right music school and piano teacher in Huntington, the rest of the journey is smooth. Always remember to practice diligently no matter how boring, hopeless or unrewarding it seems. Without dedicated practice, the piano would have remained a great mystery to even the best composers and musicians of our time.


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