Firefox got a significant increase in browsing speeds last year with the Quantum model debut and now will become even faster.

Firefox’s latest version gives priority to performance, boosting browsing speeds from 40 to 80%. The browser will now stop unused tabs, too little scripts, and all unnecessary work during launch.

Also, this version brings some new privacy features including digital footprint protection and a blocker of scripts for digging of cryptocoins.

Private browsing will now be customized. You do not have to manually set up passwords whenever you open a page when you are browsing privately. Websites will store passwords as in normal browsing.

On the other hand, users can decide what addons they want to activate and which not when they are browsing privately.

Other new features are a streamlined AV1 format for streaming video and a WebRender update that will make browsing seem faster and more efficient. You can download the latest version of Firefox from this link. Or update directly from the browser.

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