World War Z Free

This offer will run until April 2 at 8:00 PDT/11:00 EDT/16:00 BST

It’s time for free PC games again thanks to Epic Games Store and the platform that really surprised us all with this week’s selection. Epic will release one of its biggest exclusive games for free: World War Z. The game also joins Figment and Tormentor X Punisher for free.

You can get all three free games from the Epic Store site right now. This offer will run until April 2 at 8:00 PDT/11:00 EDT/16:00 BST. World War Z is one of the best Epic Store games, so share this article with other friends because everyone should benefit from this offer.

Figment then comes from Bedtime Digital Games and offers action and adventure with the hand-drawn design element. You will enter a world built by human consciousness and fight the nightmares of trying to keep you there.

The description of Tormentor X Punisher opens with: “welcome to Planet Fuck You”. We can say we have pretty contrasting tones this week. TxP is a shooter where everything dies in one shot, so it looks gallant.

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