X Æ A-12 Meaning
X Æ A-12 Musk: Here's what Elon Musk's baby name means and how to pronounce

If you haven’t faced it on Instagram scrolls yet, Grime and Elon’s first child is called: X Æ A-12 Musk.

We’ve heard it all, wireless code, car license plates, spare parts. The internet exploded with memes about Elon Musk’s baby, who has not a few but 7 offspring already. Elon became a father for the seventh time by his girlfriend, Canadian singer Claire Elise Boucher, otherwise known as Grimes.

If you haven’t encountered it on Instagram scrolls yet, Grime and Elon’s first child is called:

X Æ A-12 Musk

Just 3 days old and the X Æ A-12 is the most famous man in the world certainly because of the great wonder it has caused. It looks more like Elon hit the keyboard and the first thing that came to his mind was to use it.

imageGrimes, on the other hand, explained his name via a Twitter post:

  • X is the unknown variable.
  • Æ my elvian pronunciation of AI (love and/or artificial intelligence)
  • A-12 = ancestor of SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, no protection, just speed. Very good at war but not violent. (Which was corrected by Elon as SR-71) Plus Archangel, my favorite song.

Yup, this is the explanation, and believe us we are just as shocked as you.

On the other hand, his pronunciation remains a problem, which has not yet been clarified by the couple. And if you try to pronounce it, it is impossible because you cannot say “Xaea12” because the symbol Æ is pronounced “a” and it happens to be “Xaa12“. There are theories that the symbol Æ is pronounced “Ash” so full would be pronounced “Xasha12”. Nothing is certain.

Musk went on to lay out how to say it: “So, it’s just X, the letter X, and then the Æ is pronounced Ash.” He said that he suggested adding A-12 as an homage to the Archangel 12, what he said is the “precursor to SR-71, the coolest plane ever.” The verdict: X Ash Archangel Twelve.

elon musk grimes welcome son x æ a 12 and obviously the memes are good

Call it what you want, but this is the future, from a generation that prefers more usernames that use social media than the real name, it’s no a surprise, it’s becoming a trend.

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