ouTube New Changes to the System of Copyright Protection and Copyright Disclosure

Companies that have entered the video hosting business created by the public must have a system for copyright protection and disclosure.

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While YouTube is far from being perfect, it has been used many times to abuse and manipulate creators. The company unveiled changes to this system that should make it easier to manage copyright disclosure.

People who report copyright infringement must first provide video for the exact portion of the videos they are reporting. To prevent different individuals from abusing the YouTube system, it says it will revoke access to the rights statement manual if they fail to provide clear evidence of the violation.

YouTube will scan video uploads in front of a large database so that its technology can identify the exact copy of audio and video.

On the other hand, the videos of the reported individual will be notified of the violations in various parts of it in order to know what part should be edited. If they have decided to edit the video instead of opposing the claim, these individuals can use YouTube editing tools to address the concern.

YouTube says it will continue to improve editing tools by giving creators a way to edit sections that have been violated by someone else’s copyright.

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