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The best way to post panoramic photos on Instagram

The best way to post panoramic photos on Instagram

When Instagram first hit smartphones, every uploaded photo had to be in a square shape This is not a problem in terms of photos and selfies, but for...
Delete Google Activity Automatically

How to automatically delete your location, search and web history from Google

Google now already deletes web history, searches, and location automatically after 18 months, but you can delete them even earlier Just like with cookies, Google stores specific information...
Wi-Fi extender/repeater

How a Wi-Fi extender/repeater work and do you need it?

If you're stuck in a space where Wi-Fi waves don't reach, you may be tempted to open holes in your home and layout some Ethernet cables. However,...
change your Apple ID password-min

How to change your Apple ID password (iOS 10.3 and up/MacOS)

Your Apple ID gives you the ability to connect to your Apple account on some devices, new and old, wherever you are. But this accessibility has a...
Memes As A Marketing Tool

Memes As A Marketing Tool – The advantages And The Disadvantages

Memes have become an integral part of our social fabric. Irrespective of our age or background, memes have become a part of our conversations, be it with...
progressive glasses

Facing difficulties using progressive glasses? Here are some ways to adjust and see better.

If you wear bifocals or trifocals, you’re no stranger to the inconveniences that the line between the lenses can cause. Not to mention, the immediate power jump!...
Best Video Conferencing Software 2020

Top Best Video Conferencing Software for 2020

With a computer and a webcam, or with a "smart" mobile device, you can have individual or even group meetings, regardless of where you are, thus offering...
Windows 10 PC into a WiFi Hotspot

How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC into a WiFi Hotspot

If you have upgraded recently to Windows 10 and want to share your internet connection with other devices, you can do it easily through the "Mobile Hotspot"...
Windows 10 Tips & Tricks: Top Best Most Useful Features in Windows 10 (2020)

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks: Top Best Most Useful Features in Windows 10 (2020)

While Windows 10 may be the most convoluted operating system Microsoft has ever created it does include many handy features that are quite useful. So coming up...
Sites Like KissCartoon

KissCartoon Alternatives: Top 10+ Best Similar Sites Like KissCartoon (2020)

Are you a cartoon lover? Do you like to watch cartoons online for free without paying a penny? Then KissCartoon may come to help. KissCartoon is an...

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