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Coffee increases sexual potential in a man

Coffee increases sexual potential at a man

A study by a group of British scientists concluded that antioxidant foods are able to improve male reproductive potential, writes the "Science Journal". Coffee and tea are very...
10 places you are not allowed to visit

10 places you are not allowed to visit – [PHOTO]

Despite the globalization that makes us feel that the world is more open than ever, there are still places that are hidden in the mystery, sometimes for...
10 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

10 Most Mysterious Places on Earth [Photo]

Although science can explain almost anything that happens on this planet, this does not mean that there is no room for small mysteries.Some places are so crowded...

Mars Planet As We Have not Seen [VIDEO]

A desert landscape, dusty with the backdrop of a string. These are the images of the planet Mars coming to earth from Nasa Curiosity. In fact, the footage...
Top 10 richest actors in the world

Top 10 richest actors in the world – [PHOTO]

Actors, mostly American ones, are paid up to several million dollars for a role.Thanks to their talent in acting they have put millions of dollars into their...
New York

New York Of Years 30s, the changes fixed in the picture

A series of fascinating photographs from one of the pioneering women in the photographs show New York in a state of change in the 1930s years. Photographer Berenice...
Most Attractive Athletes

10 Most Attractive Athletes

Beautiful girls are not just in fashion trestles, but also in sports competitions. There are many sportswomen who, in addition to professional skills, draw attention to their physical...

The car that “challenges” gravity – Video

A video posted on social networks shows a Jeep type 4 × 4 by "challenging gravity laws". The car, specially modified for mountainous terrain, climbs to a rock...
Danielle Armstrong

Forms come from the gym – [PHOTO]

She is in her best shape from the moment she started the new exercise regimen and Danielle Armstrong has also shown the fruits of her work. In some...
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, knows no limits- PHOTO

She is known for her courage in dress, but Kim Kardashian may have shown a little more than enough on her new picture set. The 37-year-old has highlighted...

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