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Rita Ora

In very small bikini, the singer with Albanian origins puts network on “fire” (Photo)

Once again, the Albanian singer has put on "fire" the social network Rita Ora is known for her provocative posts on Instagram, especially during the summer season. You...
Kim Kardashian

The mother of four children surprises everyone, out on the street without pants (Photo)

Near a luxury car Kim Kardashian has no problem showing her wild side during this period of isolation as a result of Covid-19. The 39-year-old recently shared with her...
Top 5 Prohibited Places

Prohibited! You can’t cross, 5 places where tourists are not allowed

If you think you have enough time, desire, and money to travel anywhere, you are wrong. In certain places, there is no room for tourists... #1. Surtsey Island...
X Æ A-12 Meaning

X Æ A-12 Musk: Here’s what Elon Musk baby’s name means and how to...

If you haven't faced it on Instagram scrolls yet, Grime and Elon's first child is called: X Æ A-12 Musk. We've heard it all, wireless code, car license...
Bad Boys 4

“Bad Boys” 4 is coming

Bad Boys producer, Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that the fourth episode is currently being worked on The "Bad Boys" franchise began in 1995 and stars Will Smith and...
Demi Rose

Demi knows how to entertain her fans, even from the quarantine… (Photo)

Rose looked stunning Demi Rose knows how to entertain her fans with provocative posts on social media, even though everyone is isolated at home as a result of...
Midnight Sun

“Midnight Sun”, the new sequel to “Twilight” book series

The latest movie "Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2", was launched in 2012 A new sequel to the Twilight book series, which will tell the story from the point...
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato from the quarantine… Without makeup or any filters (Photo)

Follow the photo gallery: When it comes to getting the perfect pose and taking a selfie to post on Instagram, Demi Lovato is a 'master'. Completely natural, Demi Levato...
Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian’s most sexiest photos over the years

Kourtney is known for her amazing physique, and these photos over the years prove it: Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have repeatedly unintentionally "overshadowed" their sister Kourtney. Despite this,...

These are the final dates for Spider-Man, Doctor Strange 2 and Thor: Love and...

Have patience. After Black Widow, The Eternals and Captain Marvel 2, Marvel, in collaboration with Disney and Sony, announced some other cinematic delays due to coronavirus. We specifically...

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