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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian turns 40th (Photo)

Kim Kardashian was photographed coming out of the top of a giant cake in a bizarre photo set, for her 40th birthday Challenging the years, Kim looks perfect...

Practice These 7 Tricks to Deal with Insomnia When In Menopause

Going through menopause is a big transition for any woman in this world. It is often associated with a significant degree of discomfort as well. Dealing with...
gift basket

How to arrange a gift basket

Making a gift basket on your own is more beneficial than buying a gift basket. In the readymade gift baskets, you will sometimes get your demandable substance...
Alkaline diet

Alkaline diet: Claims, facts, and foods

Does an alkaline diet work? Or does an alkaline diet have any adverse effects?  These are the most common questions about the alkaline diet.  A few decades ago,...
Travel Around the US

Different Ways to Travel Around the US

There are many options people can choose to travel around this planet. America is so huge, most of them are relevant! Texas alone is greater in size...
Best shapewear

Best shapewear for tummy and waist in 2020

If you are looking for the latest collection of best shapewear for tummy and waist for a woman, then your search destination ends right here. A fashionable woman is...
Signs Of Narcolepsy

The Signs Of Narcolepsy And How It Affects The Body

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your wellbeing, both physical and mental. Your body and brain require good quality sleep in order to recover and...
Kim Kardashian

Kim back to “normality”, sex photos in the middle of the night (PHOTO)

The reality show star has posted some incredibly sexy photos Kim Kardashian seems to have "overshadowed" the drama of her husband Kanye West's mental disorder and has returned...
Rita Ora

Rita Ora raises the “temperatures” in tight bikinis (Photo)

The famous singer is back in the UK after spending most of her summer holidays in Greece and Ibiza Rita Ora felt nostalgic as she shared a video...
Lose Weight

Is It Possible to Exercise and Still Not Lose Weight?

With a pandemic sweeping through the world, leaving behind untold misery and disaster in its wake, many people, as a way to prevent the virus from seriously...

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