King and Queen

How to best wear your King and Queen T-shirts?

The youth today wants to dress smart, trendy and quirky! Also, there are other experimental dressers across all age, who wants to try out new and unique fashion apparels and decide their take on it. However, it doesn’t have to do with designer labels only. Today, there are apparel brands that are coming up with casual and cool attires, like T-shirts that are attracting many people. Recently, the famous “Kings” and “Queen” T-shirts have become popular. You will find college students and middle-aged individuals sporting these T-shirts effortlessly.

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There are various popular brands that design and manufacture smart looking king and queen shirts. You can browse online, research on the different brands and then take your pick. However, buying this shirt alone is not enough. You need to wear it correctly and in more than one way and events. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, you can take reference from the guidelines below.

  1. Sport the casual look

It is the safest way to flaunt the “king” and “queen” shirt. You can pair the shirt with a pair of denim and set out for the day. If you love wearing blue denim, it’s always better to wear a white T-shirt with that design. Complete the look with a canvas or loafers. Women can wear their pumps and wedges as well and carry a tote bag or a sling bag with it.

  1. Dress up for an occasion

Fashion conscious women can gain much from this! If you have an evening garden party to attend and you are not in a mood to dress up excessively, you can choose a black “Queen” printed T-shirt and pair it with black denim, jeggings or a black matte finish leather pants. You can tie a front knot with the shirt or leave it loose. Pair up the look with a sleek sling bag or a clutch, stilettos or kitten heel and your favourite watch. You can keep your make-up minimal and look your best for the evening.

  1. Dressing up for a cause

People today are taking up various social causes. If you support “gender equality” you can wear this T-shirt and take part in a march or event that promotes the philosophy of gender equality. You can’t dress too much here, as you have an agenda at hand. If you are opting in for a march, you can pair up your T-shirt with denim shorts or quarter pants. You can even opt-in for khaki trousers as it’s comfortable and complements the T-shirt as well. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers and a bag that you find most comfortable to carry.

Today, there are several service providers that design and manufacture statement-making shirts in innovative and quirky designs. The “king” and “queen” T-shirts has been a fashion craze for both youth and adults alike. Anybody who wants to make a statement with their T-shirt can opt-in for this attire. The brands manufacturing these T-shirts provide customers with a wide selection in size, design, fit and cut. You can browse through the collection and take your pick.


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