Epic Store Free Weekly Games

Epic Store brings three free games for the next week

Epic continues to provide free games every week through the Epic Games Store and now next week’s games have been revealed. Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, A Short Hike and Mutazione will all be available for free starting March 12.

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You’ll be surprised to find out that Anodyne 2 is the sequel to Anodyne. The second game of the series was launched in August 2019 and was well received by critics. It’s a 3D platforme that follows the idea of ​​Legend of Zelda and was made by a small two-person studio called Analgesic Productions.

A Short Hike on the other hand is a beautiful game that you can finish in a few hours and we would suggest you do it. Mutazone also retains its resemblance to it and its plant-tending mechanics are very satisfying.

All three games will be free for a week, starting March 12.

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