5 Reasons Why Your Pickup Truck Needs Good Brakes,

5 Reasons Why Your Pickup Truck Needs Good Brakes

How reliable are the brakes in your pickup truck? Bringing 3 tons of metal, fiberglass, rubber and plastic plus cargo to a stop requires plenty of force and friction to match. That means every component inside your truck’s braking system must be in top condition. This quick guide to truck brakes can help you better understand the role they play in your vehicle’s safety and choose the best parts for dependable stopping power.

1. Stock Parts May Not Match Your Needs

When you’re going 65 miles an hour, hauling a few hundred pounds of cargo, and forced to slam on your brake pedal to avoid hitting a cat, that’s not the time to discover your brakes too mushy. Even if you’re diligent with auto maintenance, stock brake parts are only made to handle average everyday driving. Fortunately, just a few simple upgrades improve your braking system’s performance and useful lifespan. Your truck, it’s cargo and Kitty will thank you.

2. Upgraded Brake Pads Last Longer

Your pickup truck probably came with organic material brake pads. They’re softer than other versions, don’t produce as much brake dust and they’re sufficient for everyday driving. However, they wear out more quickly and experience fade at braking temperatures higher than their normal range. Low-dust ceramic brake pads withstand higher temperatures and more friction. The result: better longevity and more reliable stopping power.

3. Better Rotors Can Handle More Stress

Your truck’s brake pads are important, but you must also pay attention to its rotors. After all, they need to withstand the higher braking temperatures that heavy-duty driving can generate. So, what should you be looking for? Slotted rotors offer optimal temperature control and are better at keeping dust and debris from accumulating on braking surfaces. You’ll commonly find both slotted and drilled/slotted models, which are excellent matches for your upgraded pads.

4. Upgrading Your Calipers Can Improve Performance

Pads are rotors are important parts of the equation, but don’t forget about the calipers. These components provide the critical clamping power that brings your pads in contact with the rotors. They’re usually pretty solid, but even the seals inside can wear down with time and use. When moving up to performance pads and rotors, consider choosing upgrade calipers. With proper lubrication, you can get smoother engagement and braking – which translates to better piece of mind when you’re behind the wheel.

5. Caliper Covers Keep Your Wheels Cleaner

While you’re mulling brake upgrades, it may be worth investing in a set of caliper covers. If you choose to stick with stock calipers, a set of caliper covers can be especially useful. Stylish custom caliper covers add a unique flair to any truck’s appearance, but they also offer a great side-benefit: reduced brake dust output. Your truck looks great, and your wheels and rotors stay cleaner. Everybody wins.

Now that you know more about improving your pickup’s braking performance, your next step is shopping for the best brakes for Toyota Tundra. Choose an auto parts dealer with a sound reputation, a wide selection, and expert assistance to help you find what you need.

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