8 Benefits of Construction Document Management

8 Benefits of Construction Document Management

Document control in any business is critical because it ensures that all the documents which you have created are kept organized with easy access to people who need it. Documents are created for a purpose and should therefore be accurate and kept up-to-date to avoid errors to the users. So, what exactly is construction document management? It is the control of all construction documents and information such as blueprints, permits, bids and contracts, job monitoring, specifications, and anything related to a construction project.


A project manager, especially one who handles more than one project, can understandably suffer from information overload. In this day and age of digital technology, it will be considered costly, risky and unwise to stick to manual documentation. If you are a starting construction businessman or a seasoned project manager, it will benefit you to seriously consider shifting from a manual recordkeeping to a digital document system.


Here are some benefits of a construction document management system:


  1. Version control


As your project progresses, it is natural to make multiple revisions. Construction is a very permanent operation. It will be such a huge cost to correct and rework a job because someone picked up the wrong design or an old reference. Keeping track of revisions will be easier when done through a digital document system. There will be no errors of misplaced or missing blueprints, contracts, or other references because you can easily digitally retrieve the latest version.


  1. Access difficulty


Spending a lot of time just to find what you are looking for reduces productivity, delays work, costs money and increases stress levels. Digital documents can be shared in real-time. The International Organization for Standardization or ISO (from the Greek word isos meaning “equal”) has a provision for good document control that requires that relevant documents should be available at point of use.


  1. Revision speed


You can easily make revisions on plans on-site. You do not have to “go back to the trailer” to do what a client wants to be changed.


  1. Increase productivity, efficiency and saves space


Project managers need to be on-site, not in the offices to shuffle papers, manage and organize documents. And when the need arises to find an important document, it should be readily available for sharing with the team and stakeholders.


Gone are the days of filing cabinet rows to keep your files. Now, you have the cloud to keep them and save on valuable floor space.


  1. Centralized data


It is important to keep a back up of all your documents and kept secure in one platform.


  1. Manual coordination


As everyone in your team becomes digitally connected, it becomes easier to communicate. Files and documents can be quickly and easily shared during discussions and meetings. Automating documents make it easier for the team to extract information.


  1. Team alignment


Everyone in the team will be working on the same page, remotely if you will. But each team member can look at the same document from practically any part of the world. That is the benefit of a networked environment.


  1. Opportunity to scale up business


You will not cringe at the thought of drowning in blueprints. You will improve your productivity, make your life easier and will have more time to increase business.




Review your project management system and see how the benefits above can massively improve your work life. It’s about time to get digital. Consult a professional on the best construction document management system now.

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