Top 10 Trendy Apps

The use of smartphones is no longer possible without a variety of applications and games. Resourceful developers constantly invent new applications which make life easier for us (for example, help get acquainted with Russian brides). However, their excessive abundance often forces us to download unnecessary or not very high-quality apps. Therefore, it will be useful to learn about the 10 most popular free applications.

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1#. Move On

There is not much free time in modern life. And we need to be as productive as possible. The Move On application can help in this. It allows you to set goals and specify the time for which they must be done. This gives a reliable motivation to work and makes you not to sit still and not be distracted by trifles.

2#. Kindle

Nowadays, the demand for paper books is actively falling because everyone switched to e-books a long time ago or read directly from smartphones. The Kindle application allows you to turn your gadget into a full-featured reader. With it, you will have access to thousands of e-books and the ability to read them anywhere.

3#. Waze

If you live in a big city, you probably constantly face various difficulties on the roads. First of all, traffic jams are one of the main problems of all megalopolises. A lot of time is spent on various delays on the way from one place to another. But such troubles can be avoided if you know in advance the situation on the roads. Waze will help you with this.

4#. VSCO

With the app, you can edit photos and also share your creativity with other creators. By and large, this is an editor with access to a whole social network of photo creators. A feature of VSCO is the ability to edit photos on a fundamentally new level. So, if you want to do this professionally, this application will be useful.

5#. Shazam

Have you ever had such a thing that you hear a song that you really liked but don’t know what it is called, and there’s no one to ask? If you have Shazam installed on your smartphone, this is not a problem.

6#. Instagram

It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t have an account here. The application is designed for quick publication of photos and videos. There is the possibility to communicate with followers, create personal stories, edit video, and chat with friends. The application is very convenient; it allows you to be aware of events and the lives of friends and easily share with them the moments of your life.

7#. Snapchat

This is another social mobile application that has 500 million downloads. The developers managed to create a bright and simple program for communication. The app has a variety of effects for photos, unique stickers, and pictures. You can communicate with friends and check publications of well-known users.

8#. AliExpress Shopping App

The application is popular among all fans of this trading platform. It is simple and clear – directly from a mobile device, you can select a product, place an order, pay, and then track your package. In addition, some products have an additional discount.

9#. Tinder

The Tinder dating application has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most popular and successful. Tinder allows you to find new acquaintances for a pleasant chat or romantic relationship, view a huge number of photos of participants, and choose the one you like. Contacts or location will immediately appear on your screen.

10#. YouTube

The official YouTube app allows quick access to all video sites. Comfortable design and navigation help you find the right videos, subscribe to channels and upload your own videos. In separate tabs, you can save watched or liked videos.


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