3 Tips to Getting Started with Video Content Creation

Content creation is quickly becoming a popular method of connecting with others online. Creators can flex their skills in various areas such as video and music to attract a following in different communities. If you are interested in giving video content creation a try, consider the following methods of approach.

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Travel Videos

A great way to get started with content creation is to document your traveling experiences. This gives you the opportunity to share your journeys with others while also keeping a video record of places you have visited. Consider using a drone such as the Phantom 4 which gives you the ability to capture amazing videos from a bird’s eye view of places you’re visiting. This offers a unique perspective of areas that can be appealing even to those who regularly visit the locations you are documenting.

Sports Videos

You can use a variety of sports-friendly cameras to capture live action at its finest. Strap on a camera for an adventurous ride down a nearby mountainside or take video on your next whitewater rafting trip. These high-intensity videos provide viewers an opportunity to feel the excitement you are experiencing while engaging in a multitude of extreme sports.

Video Blogs

For those who prefer more traditional content creation set-ups, video blogs (also known as vlogs) may be right for you. Clear out a designated area for shooting blogs and make sure that it is free of any personal items or mess you don’t want to be included in your video. Make sure you have good lighting in the area. Pick topics that are relevant to your target community’s interests. You can do anything from daily blogs that cover your thoughts to more activity-specific blogs, such as a weekly cooking vlog.

Let’s Play Videos

If you are an active gamer, you can consider Let’s Play videos. Let’s Play videos consist of recorded gameplay that is often accompanied by voice narration that is either taken during gameplay or added later. Let’s Play videos are an excellent opportunity to both provide a sense of community when gaming in addition to giving insight to various tips and tricks. Creators can take various approaches, such as providing walkthroughs for different games or simply providing viewers an opportunity to experience the game with the content creator’s persona. For creators who are uncomfortable with voice narration, there is also the option to create a gameplay video sans commentary.

With the right tools and motivation, you can create quality videos that can attract like-minded viewers.


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