Wisdom Tooth Cavity

What Should You Do About a Wisdom Tooth Cavity?

Cavities are a headache and especially when you love chocolates too much. Regularly eating always becomes a habit with large problems to deal with, since germs in your mouth find resources to invade in it. Well, if you have a wisdom tooth and if the infection gets to it, medications are a better solution. But what should you do about a wisdom tooth cavity? Especially if you have got one recently and the pain is severe?

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Wait, what’s a wisdom tooth?

If you have never heard of it, these are the final set of wider area teeth that sits at the last corner of the jawline. Responsible for better chewing and grinding your good, wisdom tooth makes eating easier, including biting and tearing food sometimes. Apart from their huge applications, they are much prone to infection, cavities due to structure and geographical locations in the mouth.

There a lot of ways to prevent tooth decay like using a better paste, brushing more than usual and staying away from simple glucose foods. Since if you already have a wisdom tooth and a cavity that is intensely painful, then here are some solutions to gather into.

Visit a dentist immediately:

Tooth cavities are not to be neglected at all, especially if it already exists on a wisdom tooth. Since these are more prone to infection and can spread to other teeth. Doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics to keep away the germs. Some dentists recommend filling the cavity to further prevent the incision and destroying it completely while other dentists like Ontario based Vick Handa and others are coming up with new techniques to help their patients. If your tooth is completely destroyed, it can be extracted and removed. Or filling comes as other options. Through his practice, Dr. Vick Handa provides a positive experience and stress-free dental care services for everyone.

Use peppermint oil:

For the time being, you can use peppermint oil to turn off the pain and make you in the mouth environment fresh. Aside, you can brush with any regular toothpaste with a single drop of the peppermint oil in it. These also reverse any tooth decay including your wisdom tooth.

Do a salt rinse:

Seeming to date back at ancient times, salt usually kills any kind of germs from foods and almost in any environment. Since no germs can survive in a no moisture environment, it can do the same inside your mouth. Take some salt and put it on your wisdom tooth, if you are experiencing pain for some time. Table salt works great and can even give instant relief.

Brush more than once:

Reversing tooth decay is only possible through brushing more than once in a day. Since after your morning time brush, you eat a lot and sometimes, sugary foods are encountered. To kill all of the germs, prevent cavities and other ailments, brush every time after you eat. This restores the normal germ-free environment in your mouth that can prevent cavities or slowly reverse them.

Use medicated toothpaste:

If your wisdom tooth is compromised with a cavity, ask the doctor to give you any tooth restoration toothpaste that can restore the natural enamel and its coating outside. Toothpaste with effective calcium salts can do the same effect if used twice.


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