After a long presentation campaign, Skoda Kamiq is finally here. Do not confuse the name of the model introduced in China last year. This is a much richer product prepared for the European market

It looks very different to Karoq and Kodiaq, and targets a younger age group.

It’s as sharp as her sisters. But there is a change in the headlamps on the front of the car. They serve as daylight, and double the volume when turning signals turn on.

While in the presentation images there are very large wheels (just like in any scoop of the presenter), the largest wheels available are 18 inches.

According to the brand, the car’s space is to be praised. The car has a space of 77 cm from the front seat backrest to the rear seat backrests.

There is not much to say about the interior of the car, as Kamiq has inherited it from the Scala compact hatchback.

Security systems are numerous, with lane maintenance and automatic braking in emergencies.

2019 Skoda Kamiq SUV Interior
2019 Skoda Kamiq SUV Interior

The power comes from a turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 1.0 liter petrol, which employs 115 horsepower. The next version is the four-cylinder 1.5 liter engine that produces 150 horsepower.

You can also choose the 1.6-liter 115hp diesel engine or a naturally compressed powertrain.

At an extra cost, Skoda is happy to offer you optional DSG if you want the car to change the gears itself.

Skoda Kamiq will be available with active front wheel drive system.

Kamic will be presented at the Car Show in Geneva next week, and will be available later this year.

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