3 reasons why Physique is so crucial for outdoor sports?

Sports is one of the most impeccable things in anyone’s life. It makes a person fit, active, energetic and if the sportsperson represents his national side, then it becomes the proudest moment for him. Sports, especially outdoor sports are considered to be one of the most significant things for a person’s fitness. Irrespective of his age and profession, everyone must participate in sports activities on a routine basis to stay fit and energetic. Sports help in the complete growth and development of a child, especially when he starts playing at a young age. It not only helps in physical growth but also helps in developing mental health of a child. There have been many sports related questions and answers that we come across every day and one question that every player thinks of is the importance of physique in his game.

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Playing outdoor sports for fun is one thing and playing it professionally is another. When someone plays a sport, especially at a professional level or at the national level, then having an excellent level of fitness, stamina and physique in the most important thing for him. The primary reason behind this is the level of competition the present sports scenario has got. With the introduction of professional sports leagues such as Indian Premier League (IPL) for cricket, Indian Super League (ISL) for Football, Indian Hockey League (IHL) for Hockey, Pro Kabbadi League (PKL) for Kabaddi; the level of these sports has been taken to the next level. The competition level is very intense and with so much money floating, the teams seek that extra edge in the players. Hence the importance of having a high level of stamina and physique becomes a must for the players playing the outdoor sports.

Let us figure out the top reasons why physique is so important for the outdoor sports.

1) It helps you in building stamina

Having good stamina is one of the most important characteristics of any good player. If a person focuses on building strong muscles and maintains a good physique, it helps them in improving their sport. You can stand in difficult situations and compete with your opponents in a much better way. Being physically fit and active makes your core strong and you allow your body to hit the top gear in the crucial stages of your game. You are able to build up your intensity as per the flow of the match and are able to perform to your 100% best.

2) It helps you in facing the pressure in a better way

As it has been already mentioned that how the level of sports has grown and how the professionalism in the sports has made the players to have that extra edge in their fitness and sporting skills, so that they can stand out and perform well in the situation, when it matters the most and when the pressure is very high. Irrespective of any sport, whether it is cricket, football or tennis, there are many moments of high pressure, intensity when the player is expected to be at his very best to turn the odds in his favor. This is where a good physique helps in facing this kind of situations in a much better way and keep control over the things. If we look at some of the top players from different sporting fields, be it Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni from Cricket, Rafael Nadal from Tennis or Cristiano Ronaldo from Football, these are a few top players who have taken their game to the next level with a good physique backing them up.

3) It helps you in recovering from the injuries very fast

Well, all the sports and injuries go hand in hand. No matter how good a player is, the chances are that he will end up getting some kind of injury during his course of play. It might be a small niggle or a major injury. But the important point here is that how quickly the player recovers after being injured. If a player is carrying a high metabolism rate and a good and healthy physique, then the process of recovering from the injury speeds up and helps the player return to the field quickly. The process of healing becomes better as the immunity of the player improves with having a good physique.

These are some of the primary reasons why you should focus on your physique when you are planning to play the outdoor sports and want to play professionally on a national or international platform. However, your focus should be on techniques to help you in building your muscles and strengthening your body, to make you fit and not just another body builder. Body building and maintaining physique and fitness are two different things.


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