High Waisted Jeans

Jeans are perfect for anywhere, any day use. One of the most popular types is the high waisted jeans, which can be worn during the day, yet also equally perfect for a night out. They hide everything you want to keep away from the public eye – a belly bulge, the front flap of your pants, and your love handles. It gives off a confident vibe due to its well-balanced silhouette and profile. Best of all, it creates the illusion of a cinched waist and a lengthened torso, which most women would like to have.

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The high rise (also known as high waisted jeans) is well-known for its slim yet comfortable looking fit. While anyone can wear them, there are also factors you need to consider before getting one or two for yourself.

Know your body type

Contrary to popular belief, the high waist fits all body types. But if not worn correctly, it will feel ill-fitting and uncomfortable. If you are petite, go for high waisted skinny jeans for your legs to look elongated and slim. Consider a high-rise Mom jean with a boyfriend cut or a boot cut denim if you have a pear-shaped body. High-waist flared jeans are perfect for aathletic body type. You can get the same if you are tall, but look for a higher inseam to balance your height and frame.

Go for hems that suit your height

All pants should have a nice fit. One way to have that is by getting your jeans hemmed up to fit your height. The hems of straight or flared pants should be at the top of your toes, no more and no less. Skinny high-rise ones should be hemmed just along with the ankles. Hemming above the ankles will make you look shorter than you are.

Select the right material and colour

The more versatile the clothing, the more wearable it is. So, make sure to pick jeans that can go with your tops anywhere. With a change of top, your dark-wash jeans will look dark blue or black so that you can transition from working woman to a classy girl in a get-together. Light denim gives out a summer or spring look. And a black high rise brings out a night of fun and partying.

Your jeans should make you as comfortable as possible. Go for stretchy materials, preferably spandex or a mix of cotton and stretch. These are great material options for your high-waisted jeans.

Know when an outfit is appropriate or not

Your jeans can make or break you. Highlighting them through the tops you wear will give out the impression that you want to create for yourself. Tucked-in shirts are the basics, but you can wear other tops as well. Crop top shirts, blouses, and sweaters show off the top portion of your jeans. The perfect fit would hem above your hips. The skinny high rise will look better with a blazer if you are going for a business casual look.

Your belt-loops are there for a reason. Belts or a denim sash are perfect as accents to high waisted jeans. A skinny belt makes you look sleek and sophisticated, while a wider one creates a statement, you-cannot-forget-me-that-easily look. Then cap it off with the right footwear based on the appearance you want to achieve. If you want to look super casual, wear sneakers. But if you want a more put-out attire, go for other types of shoes. Leather sandals exude a more “summery” vibe while high heels and low boots give out a more classic, formal look.

Denim will never go out of style. But it is up to you how you will utilize it to your advantage. Following the tips mentioned above will ensure that you radiate classiness and put you a cut above the rest.

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