Hairstyles are as important to a man as makeup to a woman. Hairstyles can be done with long hair, short hair, curly hair or straight hair. Recent trends show that the Widow’s Peak Hairstyles have emerged as one of the most liked hairstyles. It can be done with all kinds of hair. It gives a stylish and lavish look to a man instead of his old school hairstyles.

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Hairdressers always experiment with the hairstyles. They also find Widow’s Peak Hairstyles easy to style, and give their customers a trendy look, under a budget. Now it comes to our mind that what is a Widow’s Peak Hairstyle? So, a Widow’s Peak Hairstyle is a hairstyle which has a ‘V’-shaped section of hair that sits in the centre of the forehead. 

The name, Widow’s Peak originated from the hoods that widows used to wear after the deaths of their husbands. A Widow’s Peak is a genetic trait, and not everyone can have this hairstyle. Hair stylists come across many kinds of Widow’s Peaks, and they always come up with a different hairstyle.

Some of the Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles for Men are listed below, for a ready reference to have a same in future.

1. Side – Part Style : The Side – Part Style has always been the first choice of the people who want to keep things simple yet attain a stylish appearance. This hairstyle gives a man professional and elegant look at the same time. Go for a nice official suit with it, and let it be the most charming level.

2. Slick Back Style :This hairstyle gives a stylish look to the men who have a widow’s peak. There are men who don’t like their natural hairline. This can be the best hairstyle for them, as it hides their hairline to some extent. Wear it with a good attitude, and you are ready to rock.

3. Short Spikes :The texture of the spikes grabs all attention. Short spikes give your hairstyle more defined texture than any other hairstyle. This also lets others focus on your hairstyle rather than focussing on your hairline. When you wear short spikes, go for a more casual look.

4. Tapered Sides: The tapered sides give your hair volume. Your hair looks longer and dense when you have tapered sides as your hairstyle with a widow’s peak. This look is not only stylish, but it is elegant and decent as well. Many hair stylists recommend it for the persons with a widow’s peak. This hairstyle can make any outfit look great.

5. Medium Length Curls : Medium length curls are used to hide the widow’s peak. Though the curls are not too long, they are capable of not showing your widow’s peak hairline to others. There is also an advantage of curls, that you don’t have to comb them, just wash and you are ready to ace any outfit. The Medium Length Curls look more casual, so try to avoid them when you are in the office or any meeting.

6. Slick Back with Beard : Beard is the most liked look by men. It gives men a sensation of chivalry and manliness. Those who don’t like their widow’s peak should give a try to change their look. They should put all their hair to the back of their head making their widow’s peak visible while keeping the beard simple and stylish. When the beard would be the most attractive part of your face, people would try to steal a glance of that, and will not focus on your hairline. 

All-in-all, these were some of the best widow’s peak hairstyles for men that every man must look before creating their best look. Now that you know about the hairstyles, you should just go to your favourite hairdresser to get this amazing new look in the perfect way.


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