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We live in a digital era, and everyone wants to have a massive following on social media. Be it millennials or teenagers, almost everyone wishes to be an influencer. How exactly can you achieve that? You can follow this link to learn about being an Instagram influencer

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Tips to boost your Instagram Influence

Boosting your influence on Instagram is not as easy as you might think it is. It takes knowledge of how Instagram’s algorithm functions and how to use its features to help you reach out to a broader audience. Given below are tips on how you can boost your Instagram influence:

  1. Choose an effective niche– First and most important thing to do while starting as an Instagram influencer is to decide on the niche your account will have. Posting your selfies and what you are going to have for dinner will not get you much response from followers. Display whatever you are good at. Give your followers something to follow you for.
  2. Add Interesting Content– Create content that grabs everyone’s attention. Photos and videos are more appreciated on Instagram as well as other social media. Use appropriate filters and tools to make your post look more appealing.
  3. Be Consistent– If you want to build a huge following, just posting high-quality content will not work. You will have to be consistent with your posts. Instagram tends to favor posts of the accounts that are posting content frequently and gets more engagements. 
  4. Use relevant hashtags– Research hashtags that are suitable for your post. Hashtags are the best way to reach people who are not following you. Having the right set of hashtags on your post can make a huge difference in your account’s visibility. Target the right audience with relevant hashtags.
  5. Interact frequently– Interact with your followers every now and then. This builds a community around your account and gains the loyalty of the followers. Ask your followers for feedback, chat with them over Insta live, and reply to them in DM and comment section. Let them know you care for them.
  6. Collaborate with other Instagram Influencers– This will allow you to get exposure to a wider audience. Moreover, when you collaborate with other influencers, you learn how they grow, and you can form a growth strategy using this knowledge.
  7. Keep an Eye on your followers’ choice– Paying attention to your account’s analytics is the best way to know what your followers want and how you can attract more engagements. Post when most of your following is online to boost your chances of appearing on their news feed. There are several 3rd party tools too that you can use to keep a closer eye on your followers.

If you have been working on building a strong presence on Instagram and boosting your influence but are unable to achieve the results worth your efforts, reach out to Simply Gram. They have a team of professionals who can help your account to grow rapidly. They can help you to reach a wider audience and many more.

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