iPhones are delicate creations of the famed Apple store, and whoever owns it knows they can’t throw it around like how people usually throw Nokia phones. iPhones, therefore, face a lot of issues, if the owner is careless like that, and one of the common problems is iPhone screens not working. You might have dropped it accidentally or without any fault of yours – but it still happens. Most of the iPhone users complain about their touchscreen problem, and given below are some of the solutions that can help solve this.

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1. Hard Reboot:

This is a classic go-to move; it’s like an unspoken mantra, ‘When in doubt, go for hard reboot’. Many people confuse it with simply switching the phone off and on, but hard reboot is not just that. Here, you will hold down the home button along with the volume down button simultaneously (for new iPhones) or press the home and the power button together (for older versions of iPhones) and wait till the Apple Logo appears on the screen. This should resolve any kind of bug or software freeze and your screen is sure to start working.

2. Cleaning the Screen:

One of the many different solutions to fix iPhone touch screen not working problem is thoroughly cleaning the screen. iPhones come with a sensitive screen and if it stops working, then the first instinct is always to wipe it off on your t-shirt. Don’t do that, instead get a soft cloth, a screen cleaning solution and, if possible, a bright light. Check the phone in perfectly slow pace, and don’t let any corner go unnoticed. Clean out all the gunk and debris that can be hidden and as an extra precaution, clean your fingers too. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.

3. Updating the iOS:

Many of the times, iOS acts intolerably to delayed software updates, which can lead to iPhone touch screen not working properly and that too, quite suddenly.More often than not, this means that you needto update the iOS, and should update your phone as soon as possible. Many iPhone users have reported that updating their iOS has helped solve their iPhone touch screen problems. Updating the iOS has many benefits, including the device now being on latest version and the additional perk of the solving of the touch screen issue.

4. Changing the damaged screen:

This is kind of an obvious solution, don’t you think? Sometimes, iPhone owners complain about their touch screen not working iPhone, all the while blatantly disregarding how their screen is not a smooth one, but filled with some intricate design because the phone was handled too roughly and now there are cracks. This clearly means that you need to sort out your screen and get it replaced; it’s just that simple. iPhones can be so sensitive that even a small jagged line on the screen can put forth touch screen issues on the user – so just get it done and dusted. Also you can read here IPhones’ Common Problems Face By Users And It’s Solutions To Fix It. This guide will help you to solve it easily.

5. Cleaning the storage:

Have you filled all your phone with so much content that it has lately been freezing frequently? Now this might be a problem and can actually make the screen stop. The best way to solve this one is cleaning the storage. Dump those blurry photos and age-old images of college notes – pretty sure you don’t need that anymore. Then there are unused audios, unopened videos and documents and what not, that is stewing on your phone since years. Let go of the junk and see the phone running more smoothly than what you had expected from it, and not to forget that the touchscreen will be working just fine.

6. Complete reset:

This is the ultimate option, which people try only after having tried everything that is in their power to try. One of the final and best Ways of fixing iPhone’s problematic touch screen is resetting the phone completely. There are specific steps that you need to follow; go to general settings, where you will find the reset option. Once you are there, choose ‘Reset All Settings’ option so as to perform a full-factory reset. They will ask you about your password and once you enter it, the reset procedure will be kick-started. After it is done, you will have to conduct the exact same process you did when you got the phone for the first time. This option is very handy and has the chance of succeeding by approximately 97%.

The touch screen of the iPhones complicated yet quite a fascinating technology. In case your iPhone’s screen stops working, these ways would help fix it and if the issue still persists, you have no option other than to show it to a service center and get it fixed.


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