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In general, shipping is affected by weather conditions and seasons. Without exception, the shipping business is subject to seasonal fluctuations. It is caused by various factors, as we will see in this article. 

Depending on your route, the delivery of your vehicle may be favorable both in winter and summer. Whatever your situation is, whether you move away and take your car with you or you have chosen a car on eBay auto auctions and want it to be delivered – understanding how the seasons affect the business with help you better plan your schedule and avoid any inconvenience.

However, in the summer of 2020, another problem arises the coronavirus outbreak on international and domestic transport. In short, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of road transport. 

The problems remain the same: weather, distance, choosing a shipping company, and preparing the car. And yes, to wear a mask when contacting a shipping company’s employees, of course, has become a requirement.

Peculiarities Of Shipping In Summer 

Some claim that winter months in shipping are more expensive than summer. However, based on research by Consumer Affairs, most transport companies charge higher fees in summer. According to the study, prices for delivery in the summer can increase by 200-300 dollars. 

There are several reasons for these results:

  • In summer, road transport companies are in high demand. Many people prefer to travel in the summer. This period is also ideal for traveling with children. As demand exceeds supply, prices rise. Major routes such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago experience more traffic.
  • To protect vehicles from winter snow, closed delivery is recommended. This transportation system is a premium service that excludes most vehicle owners. People who cannot afford this service may prefer to wait until the weather settles down. Thus, fewer people leave in winter than in summer. Although summer temperatures are high, vehicles can still move around without interruption.
  • There is often less traffic during the winter months. Low demand makes road transport companies reduce prices.

It should be noted that the vast difference in prices is not observed in all companies. Smaller and newer companies tend to take this opportunity to win more customers. Therefore, in summer, they may not increase prices significantly.

Vehicle Preparations During Summer

Extreme temperatures characterize summer seasons in some states. It can affect the quality of outdoor vehicles. If you are transporting your car to these areas, make sure it is wrapped correctly.

These factors can affect the rates and delivery times for your shipment. Generally, you should make the reservation early enough to take into account the possible options. If your route is badly affected by the weather, you can wait until the conditions get better.

Factors Affecting The Cost  

A whole range of factors determines the cost of delivering a car. Below we have highlighted the most common ones.

1.Type/Size of Car

The cost often depends on the size of the vehicle being transported. Delivering a medium sedan costs about $50 more than delivering a small car; a large sedan will cost $100 more. SUVs, trucks, and luxury cars are also delivered at a higher price. 

For example, according to our research, the cost of a Toyota Highlander (SUV) 2019 from Denver, Colorado, to Orlando, Florida, is between $890 and $1142 at our five most affordable prices. 

Similarly, sedans start at the bottom of the range, and trucks are more expensive. We’ve also found that if you’re transporting a classic car, you can count on adding an extra $800 to $3,000 with the exceptional handling needed to transport it safely. 

Below is a breakdown of the costs to transport each type of vehicle, according to our research. 

Again, we used Denver in Orlando as an example.

Vehicle Type Cost
2019 Toyota Yaris (Economy) $947-$1,960
2019 Chevrolet Malibu (Midsize) $955-$1,245
2019 Chrysler 300 (Full Size) $955-$1,245
2019 Toyota Rav4 (Mid-size SUV) $1,038-$1,370
2019 Chevrolet Suburban (Large SUV) $1,120-$1,589
2019 Porsche 718 Cayman (Luxury Sport) $947-$2,450
2019 Ford F-150 (Truck) $1,185-$1,669
1938 Cadillac LaSalle (Classic) $1,045

2 . Car Condition 

If the vehicle is not working, expect to pay about $100 if it has no steering or braking power and $200 to $500 if the car must be winch or driven by a forklift.

3. Shipping  

Most consumers want to send and receive their vehicles as soon as possible, but this increases the price. It will cost an extra $100 to $500 for expedited shipping. 

Also, the form of shipment – closed or open transport – will affect the overall price. Open transport is usually the most common and affordable than closed transport.

4. Insurance

Automobile shipping companies have insurance, but the brokers who arrange the delivery are not because they only arrange the delivery. 

You should get a copy of your insurance policy and read it and then discuss whether you need extra protection with the company you are doing business with or your insurance agent. Additional insurance can cost between $100 and $300.

5.Time Of Year 

During the summer months, more and more consumers prefer to ship cars, so the prices are higher. During holidays and bad weather, prices can also rise by $100-500.

6. Distance

While consumers understand that distance affects pricing, they may not realize how much. Shipping to the nearby state, of course will differ from shipping a car to Alaska from Texas.

When the drop-off point is not in a large city or close to a central interstate distance, it may be twice as high as the original quoted rate. If you need to make delivery in a rural area, think about finding a way to change the pickup or drop-off location.

7. Fuel Surcharges

It is understandable, but it is easy to forget about factoring fuel prices during your move.

Tips For Shipping A Car In 2020

Insist On A Vehicle Condition Report

You should make sure you get a copy of the Vehicle Condition Report when the car is disembarked. This document, similar to the one you receive when you rent the car, describes your car’s condition when it was dropped off, including dents, scratches, mileage, and other information. 

Carefully compare the car with the report to see if there is any damage when it is delivered. Once you sign the report, your ability to claim for damages will be limited. Do not accept the car’s delivery at night if you cannot see the car’s condition.

Prepare Your Car For Shipping

Car transport companies are responsible for transporting your car, but they generally do not drive you to your new home. 

It should be loaded onto a truck with multiple vehicles (or a ship if you are moving internationally) and delivered to your new home or the car transportation company’s warehouse. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare your car for shipment.

Wash Your Car 

Dirt and dust may mask dents, marks, and scratches. If you have a clean car, you should be able to notice the damage caused by the car delivery company as soon as your move is complete.

Don’t Get Gas 

If your car’s gas tank is full, it makes your car heavier, affecting the cost and increasing transportation risk.

Check For Leaks 

The transportation company will not transport your vehicle if there are any noticeable leaks. Check the chassis for droplets and repair them before you move.

Check Tire Pressure  

Excessive or under-inflated tires are just as risky during transport as when driving on the road. Reduce the risk of tire damage and inflate the tires properly before transportation.

Remove Custom Accessories 

If you change your car with custom accessories such as a spoiler, it is a good idea to remove them before shipping. 

Custom parts are unique and increase your car’s size, making it more challenging to mount them on a truck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping

What Affects Price When Shipping A Car?

Six main things can affect the price of car delivery: distance and location, type of car, the car’s condition, open or closed transport, the price of gas, and season.

Will I Be Given An Accurate Delivery Date?

Rarely can companies promise a specific date of receipt or delivery. However, most companies will provide an estimate with a three-day window. 

During a busy season, this delivery window can be longer than three days. If the company specifies a date, you will receive this information in writing and the consequences of the missed date, which may be a discount or refund of the price.

How Long Will It Take To Ship A Car?

Usually, it should take between one and two weeks for a car to arrive, depending on travel distance.

Do I Need To Purchase Insurance?

The carrier has insurance that covers the damage to the car during transport. However, according to research, one out of 20 cars is damaged during transportation outside the transportation area. The insurance will cover that gap. 

Can My Car Be Picked Up From Anywhere?

Customers can specify pickup or delivery preferences by using the door-to-door option. However, the vehicle must be supervised by someone who will sign the appropriate forms and inspect it before it is loaded into the truck.

Why Would I Use Enclosed Vs. Open Transport?

Closed transport provides greater protection for your car. However, it is more expensive than open transport. You can use open transport as a less expensive option. A good idea is to use closed transport for luxury or expensive vehicles.

How Do I Get A Car Shipping Quote?

To get an offer from the road transportation service, here is what you need to know: 

  • The model and make of your car
  • The year it was made
  • Whether your car is currently running
  • The delivery route (where it needs to be picked up and where it needs to be delivered).

Your quote might be more accurate if you also know your approximate delivery date and whether you want a closed or open carrier. 

List this information and then call your preferred car delivery company. Some transport companies also allow you to request quotes online. 

Can I Store Suitcases Or Boxes In My Car?

It may seem convenient to store suitcases and boxes for transport in your car, but it is against the law to store personal belongings. 

Also, if personal belongings in the car are damaged during transport, they are not responsible for their replacement. Only the vehicle itself is covered by insurance.

To Sum Up

It would help if you considered such things as distance, vehicle type, vehicle condition, open or closed transport, and current fuel price.

When transporting a car, whether it is by state, country, or the world, it is essential to find a quality company that is ready to answer all your questions. 

Ensure that your carrier has the proper authority and license and that you get quality service at a reasonable price. Also, you should consider if shipping during the summer is suitable for you.

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