Mercedes X-Class EXY Extreme+
Mercedes X-Class EXY Extreme+

Pickup Design has dealt with the exterior of this Mercedes Pick-up, while with its interior Carlex Design

The well-known Polish company Carlex Design and Pickup Design have joined forces to modify the Mercedes X-Class, turning it into an “extreme” pick-up.

The project is called “EXY Extreme+“, and includes, among other things, extended side protectors, a hood with holes for air, lights on the roof, some carbon fiber parts, and an interior with sports seats, black leather, etc.

Pickup Design also offers several other packages for the X-Class. The “Urban” version comes with a carbon fiber body package (including hood), new front grille, new wheels, etc.

On the other hand, the “Off-Road” version comes higher, with some safety parts, new wheels and tires, tow rope, etc.

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