Ferrari in 2025 will launch the first all-electric car

Ferrari can launch its initial all-electric model in 2025, with company chief John Elkann promising that the automotive can  “bring the brand’s unity and passion” to the new generations “.

The luxury car firm has been working on its first EV for some time but has previously refused to commit to the release date while developing suitable technology.

But speaking during Ferrari’s annual general meeting, Mayor Elkann said the company plans to unveil the model in 2025.

“You are often positive that this {can} be all you dream of that the engineers and designers at Maranello can imagine for such a landmark in our history,” he said.

Elkann did not provide more specific details about EV.

Last year, leaked information showed that the company was working on a two-seater four-wheeled vehicle that would feature an electric motor on each wheel.

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