In today’s high-tech world, everyone seems to be racing to be edgy. If you want to stick out, one of the ways to do so is by intriguingly utilizing multimedia with your advertising and promotions. One of the best kinds of media that you can use to gain attention is sound.

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But, if you’ve ever looked into getting music for various parts of your advertising scheme, you’ve run into just how expensive it is. Because of this, you may have to use a little bit of creativity to find free stuff to employ.

So where are these free music samples that you can work with? The very first place you should look is in the public domain. Anything older than a certain age is fair game for you to use regarding melody and sometimes even performance. After that, you can figure out how to make loops for custom-created sound in your advertising. And lastly, you can figure out how to creatively link to YouTube material or other online sources as a part of your promotion.

Public Domain Tunes

The best archives to find free, high-quality music for use in your promotional schemes would be in the public domain. Just as an easy example, if you are selling a product that has any reference to a vintage feel, you can pick up free blues music online and use it however you want. The more creative you are, the better it is going to turn out. There are ways to use public domain music very poorly, so make sure you aren’t just default thing on the quality of the music itself. You have to figure out how to do something unique with it.

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Make Your Own Loops

Another way to get sound to use with your promotions is to make your own music from copyright-free loops. There are tons of electronic music packs that have exceptionally well-produced beats, blips, and melody lines that sound good in a lot of different contexts. Once you get ahold of some of these free packs, you’ll see just how easy it is to adjust and adapt them to whatever kind of tonality or energy you’re trying to go for with your product sales. 

Linking To Related YouTube Material

Another free way to establish some multimedia component to your advertising is if you link to YouTube music. Artists that put their music up on YouTube know that when their tunes are getting played, they are possibly getting advertising income. You can use the links to this music in your promotional activities. Because it is in the public sphere and you aren’t using the music for your financial advantage as is, that means that you are above ground as far as legality goes.


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